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Giovedì 23 Marzo 2023

Fourth Week in Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of John 5:31-47

But I know you

I know that you do not have the love of God in you. Literally the text says: I know that you do not hold the love of God greek verb ècho – in yourself. Jesus knows men's heart, He knows them from within and He addresses those hearts which are able to hold in everything except for love of God.
The human heart can hold in anything: every kind of delusion, slavery, attachment, betrayal, conceit, avidity, wound, failure, fear, competition, regret, grudge, judgement, boastfulness, pride, revenge. All of this is holding in a bad way in the sense that it is holding in evil,  holding within oneself what is truly evil. This is the worst of all diseases of the human heart and at the root of every other disharmony and suffering. Jesus knows those hearts and that necrotic and deadly process, and He offers Himself as an antidote and liberation, but He also knows that out of pride and arrogance those hearts will let themselves become rotten and poisoned rather than ask for help and healing, and in fact He says: But you don't want to come to me to have life. Going towards Jesus means letting go, letting go with all the strength we have within and with all the strength God gives us; it means letting go of holding the evil within ourselves: the evil we committed, the evil we received. Going towards Jesus and believing in Him is letting go, with absolute determination and great discipline, it is letting go of possessing within ourselves thoughts and interior dialogues intending to hold in evil of any kind. To let Jesus in our heart we need to clean our mental attitude, usually projected towards holding within ourselves what has already been taken away from us by life's events, without in turn thanking and blessing for all that has remained. Only if we clean our interior dialogue in this way can Jesus give us new life, new life and true joy for His children.
You know us from within, Lord, and you know that we are not always successful in letting go of the evil within us; we are not always thankful for all that we have and that you constantly give us; but you also know that going to you, remaining in you and having your love within us is what we most desire.