New People 22 VEN ORD 1

New People

God needs a new people. If God desires to pour into hearts and minds the new wine of new wisdom and understanding for the wellbeing and happiness of all, He cannot do so in old hearts and minds that are crystallized by prejudices, weakened by ignorance, hardened by arrogance and conventions. He cannot do it because old minds would be torn into pieces and the wealth of His gifts would be lost.
God needs a new people that does not hide behind ancient traditions, solid certainties, and misleading conventions to avoid the staggering challenges of our times but is capable of communicating with the whole person and all people for the true wellbeing of everyone. God needs a new, wise, and prudent people that loves novelty like the dawn of a new day and honors and always defends prophecy, treating different perspectives with respect and intellectual honesty. God needs a new people, dressed in the new clothing of love, celebration, and gratitude, instead of in the oppressive gray tunics of duty, ignorance, and fear. God needs a new people with strong and fragrant hearts and powerful, flexible minds just like newly produced wineskins. God needs a new people because the Holy Spirit is ready to cover His people's nakedness with magnificent, unseen splendor. God needs a new people because the Holy Paraclete is ready to pour into the minds and hearts of people the new wine of never heard or known before wisdom and knowledge, the powerful, irresistible wine of God's innovation and imagination, the generous,  sweet wine of Jesus' perfumed Word that constantly makes all things new. God's new people is not born to earthly hierarchies, it is generated neither by human flesh nor by human will, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the Spirit of Life, by God the Father's visceral compassion and mercy, and it is led by God the Son, the Good Shepherd.