Thursday 3 January 2019

Word for Today

The Gospel of John 1:29-34


The powerful of the world show off their strength by displaying the destructive power of their armies on the battlefield and in military parades. The empires of the world show off their greatness displaying the splendor of their cities, their temples, and their mausoleums. The rich flaunt their social position by parading their privileges and their power above and beyond the law and the opulence of their clothing and villas. The triumphant show off their trophies, the successful strut their achievements, the strong display their invincibility.
God the
Almighty Father  reveals his Only Son  Jesus, the Messiah, the King of kings,  to the world by sending the Holy Spirit to descend upon him like a dove . God reveals himself to the world on the wings of a dove. A dove. Only a dove. And that's all.
This world
, this way of considering life and living is about to come to an end and when it will begin again, it will spring from the wings of a dove, the wings of the Spirit. In those days those who talk about armies and human power  will realize that no one is able to listen to them and to understand them because they will be speaking in an unknown language; those seeking possessions and success or still worrying about their image will be
 treated very kindly as if they have an autoimmune disease, those interested in seeking wealth just for themselves will be accompanied  to live alone in a forest.
The world will start again
from a dove, just as it did after the flood. A dove.