Thursday 10 January 2019

Word for today

The Gospel of Luke 4:14-22a


Man challenged forces beyond his understanding, and he set out on a road that is leading him straight to death that never dies, Lucifer's kingdom of incandescent darkness. Jesus, Yeshua, the One who Heals and Saves, did not come onto earth to make a trip for pleasure, but to free humanity from the jaws of the satanic enemy. Jesus came onto earth to bring his euanghèlion. In ancient times the euanghèlion, the happy announcement, was the news of the military victory, of the death or capture of the opponent, the defeat of enemies which was immediately brought by a messenger from the battlefield to the people.
Jesus' euanghèlion was not given to man to create a new religion or spiritual devotion but to free man from the satanic enemy, to heal man from his deception, to save him from the power of death and from its lethal grasp which terrifies humanity. Not only did Jesus announce the happy announcement, but all his life was euanghèlion. Jesus himself is euanghèlion, his first words in Mark's Gospel are: metanoeite kài pistèuete en to euanghèlion, "change your way of thinking and believe in the happy announcement." The euanghèlion is the announcement that it is absolutely possible to live in full joy, it is the message for mankind that man's happiness is God's first wish and man's first responsibility. Jesus' euanghèlion has the power of freeing the prisoners of the Evil one, the captives that the Evil one keeps in chains, enslaved by his deceit, as the spoils of his conquest, as a trophy of his victory over mankind. Jesus' euanghèlion has the power to restore sight to the blind, to those who are deceived by the Evil one up to lose their wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, understanding, awareness, up to become deeply ignorant, without any intellectual and spiritual capability.
Jesus' euanghèlion has the power of illuminating man's intellectual darkness and of purifying his heart from greed, jealousy, possession, conflict which block humanity along its path toward spiritual evolution, until it can see again, more literally: to look up. Jesus'  euanghèlion has the power of freeing those who are oppressed, those who have no space to live, to move freely, with dignity, in the splendor of God's children. Those who, under the yoke the great powers of the world, were broken in the power of  their desire, ripped from their dreams and therefore live in submission and sadness. The euanghèlion is the book of joy for those who want to be happy, is the book of life for those who want to live forever in God, is the book of liberation for those who want to be free, is the book of love for those who want to learn to love. The euanghèlion is the book that the man should learn to read, to understand, to love so that he can be happy, because it is the only book which can read, understand and love man.