Saturday 12 January 2019

Word for today

The Gospel of John 3:22-30

Full joy

The joy of John the Baptist has been made complete because the One who heals and Saves has begun his public mission, to inspire man to change his life, to change his thoughts, to the metànoia of his inner dialogue.
John is full of joy because now in Jesus for humanity it is possible a radical change from a way of thinking and of living which has led man to sorrow, slavery, oppression, pain, fear and death for millennia. But how does the world respond to Jesus' proposal of changing its way of thinking so that humanity can change its life and move towards a beautiful evolution? It responds disputing, discussing, arguing. John's disciples dispute with the Jew about what is the most orthodox and legitimate baptism, if that of John or that of Jesus.  Herod and the chief priests of the Temple in Jerusalem discuss when the Magi arrive from the East in search of Jesus newborn. The scribes, the Pharisees, the leaders of the people and the chief priests discuss on every word uttered by Jesus and on every gesture or healing made by Him. Jesus' enemies talk about Him, his hostile opponents but also his disciples his friends. People talk aboutJesus on the streets, in the squares, in the court when he is arrested and charged, under the cross when He is dying.
Jesus, the Son of God offers humanity the path of salvation and healing and man discusses, argues, disputes, talks over, debates, makes questions, analyzes, criticizes, evaluates, without taking a single step towards the change of his inner dialogue, towards the metànoia. The only people who, encountering Jesus, immediately accept and live his proposal are those that recover then from any kind of illness, disease, disharmony, are those who change their way of thinking and their lives, become happy and free and do not discuss anymore.
Those who are always discussing in their life, those who argue, dispute, do not want to change anything of themselves and of their life, and they will never change. Before Jesus, before life, before the inspirations of the Spirit either we take it or we leave it, either we experience or we let it go, but there is no need to argue.
The text of the Gospel explains this procedure in a wonderful and powerful way through the words of John: No one can receive anything except what has been given him from heaven, as if to say that nothing happens by chance, no one can take from life something that is not is given to him from heaven, and when something comes from heaven either  you take it or you leave it, arguing and talking over it is satanic, perverted, demeaning, unnecessary.
This is especially true when referred to Jesus. Anyone who debates and discusses too much about and over Jesus gets mad, lost, blind, empty. Jesus offers the change of the inner dialogue in accordance with the procedures explained in the gospel: take it or leave it, there is no need to argue. Jesus inspires man to forgive always, it is a definitive choice of the heart. Either we take it or we leave it. Jesus inspires man not to feed his spirit on attachments, possession, greed, but to feed it on gratitude and gratuity, so that he can be happy.  Take it or leave it. Disputing is a sign that we have already decided to leave it.
John the Baptist says: So this joy of mine has been made complete. Why? Because the Baptist does not argue, does not dispute, does not discuss, does not ponder over, does not consider, he simply performs, carries into effect, with love and power, the procedures of his Lord and friend.