Monday 23 March 2020

Fourth Week of Lent
Word for today
The Gospel of John 4:43-54

Second sign

This is the second "sign-miracle" Jesus did in the Gospel of John, and it occurs again in Cana, where - the text says - he had made the water wine.
An official at the service of the king - that is Herod Antipas, who ruled over Galilee from 4 BC to 39 AD - begs Jesus to come down with him to Capernaum, where he lives, to heal his son, who is near to death. Jesus does not ask for anything, does not give any explanation, he does not take any step toward Capernaum, but he simply says: You may go; your son will live. The official believes, without having seen any miracle. In the eyes of the Evangelist, he is an example of pure faith, which is based solely on the word of Jesus. It is worth noting that  the official's faith in the Word of Jesus is so deep that he did not return home immediately, but waited for the next day.
The man believed. The translation does not give the exact meaning and power of the Greek verbal construction. Here the Greek text uses the aorist tense – a peculiar verbal construction which focuses on temporary aspect of the action, on the suddenness of the action. It would be like saying, "suddenly he believed," "he believed instantly." Jesus' answer happens “immediately”, the pure faith is “immediately”. The aorist verb expresses total and definitive adhesion.
And (he) left, literally he went away. Here the verb is used in the imperfect tense to describe a journey to home free of all fear, pressure and urgency. Now the officer knows that the son is safe, and it was not necessary that Jesus walked a 30 km steep descent path which connected Cana to Capernaum – indeed the official asked Jesus to come down with him. The Word, Sound, Original Mother Frequency of all salvation uttered by Jesus crosses space and time, galaxies and hearts, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing in heaven and on earth which does not obey to it at once.
They told him, "The fever left him yesterday, about one in the afternoon.”  Literally: Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
The seventh hour is at one p.m., starting to count from six in the morning. It is the time of Yeshua-Jesus-Salvation, it is God's time, the time of the fullness of the encounter between man's pure faith and the loving and almighty power of God.