Wednesday 1 April 2020

Fifth Week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of John 8:31-42


The human mind opens itself towards things or people only when it feels understood in its way of conceiving reality or seeing things by that thing or person/s. In the vast majority of cases, human reasoning is mentally guided and governed by the rudder of prejudice, and it is, therefore, obvious that the human mind feels understood and appreciated by another human mind only when there is a matching of prejudices. That is why even though we are reasoning beings, we rarely reason and we reason poorly. This common irrationality is the context which renders rejection of novelties and new horizons an act of violence, a hard mental and cardiac act upon which it is impossible to build anything that is vital or luminous.
The leaders of the people want to kill Jesus, they want to eliminate Him and they reject His word, His vision, and His procedures. Even before being the denial of a new spiritual vision, this is an unreasonable act, an act of profound and unforgivable stupidity that triggers the self-destruction of life itself and prevents any possibility of survival.