Thursday 2 April 2020

Fifth Week in Lent

Word fot today
The Gospel of John 8:51-59

Not at all practical

The Beatitudes are upside down with respect to how the world works, and they have the power to turn the world's mortal system upside down. The washing of the disciples' feet by Jesus is upside down with respect to all that we have learned and what we have been taught about how the world works.
The washing of the feet is upside down with respect to what we know. The forgiveness that Jesus proposes is upside down with respect to how our comprehension system works; the forgiveness that Jesus proposes totally turns our measures, our justifications, our perception of love and compassion upside down. The Gospel is not very practical. It's true, the Gospel is not practical, it is hard to put into practice, it is far from the reality we have constructed. It's true, it is unquestionable, the Gospel is impractical for those who preach it as well as for those who do not believe in it. It is hopelessly impractical for our system ruled by predators, for our life system founded on competition and vanity, possession, and vainglory. The Gospel is clearly impractical for the death system, because the Gospel is not only the procedure not to die, not to die for all eternity, but it is the procedure to live, to live fully, to live forever, to live in the joy and in the power of the divine gift. 
The Gospel of Jesus, the Living One, is truly, hopelessly impractical for those who want to die, who love death, who generate death, who embrace death, walk towards death, believe in death, boast and sing the praises of death, rule in a way leading  to death, and preach death.