Saturday 4 April 2020

Fifth week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of John 11:45-56


Typically the Benefits Group (see The Benefits group, 18 February 2021) does everything and anything for convenience and for personal benefit. According to the Benefits Group, to act without convenience, without benefits, means to misunderstand everything in life.
Convenience, then, has its own rules:
- It is better if one pays for all, as national security is more important than everything and everyone;
- any
individual effort aiming to achieve greater well-being and justice is an act of rebellion;
- novelty, any novelty that cannot be controlled, must be rejected as an evil in itself, and fought as an enemy, foreign
- the evidence of facts does not and must not have any value, weight, sense or meaning;
- intellectual honesty must be banned as a chronic,
annoying mental illness.
According to the rules of convenience, it is useless to distinguish between what is vital or deadly for the life and future of mankind and of the planet where we are living.
Doing violence to, torturing and killing Jesus has its benefits; silencing that voice, which is so different and rebellious, has its benefits. That is how
wars are made, all wars which are necessary if they are convenient, if they are holy wars, just wars, preventive wars. So, if it is convenient, millions of people can be chained to misery and poverty, disease, ignorance, mental stupidity for centuries and centuries. If it is useful and it is convenient to the Benefits Group, everything and anything can suddenly become ethically valid, enshrined by religion, morally trustworthy, necessary and legal.
Jesus and His Gospel do not bring benefits to anyone, not to anyone at all because they propose
bliss and inspire happiness, true and full well-being for everyone.