Tuesday 7 April 2020

Word for today
The Gospel of John 13: 21-33, 36-38

Master, who is it?

Master, who is it, who is the betrayer? Who is the betrayer of humanity, the enemy who betrays love and the evidence of love, who prefers night, a state of obscure, mortal darkness as the normal state of being? Judas is not the betrayer. Judas is simply a man who lets himself be tempted and betrayed by the betrayer. Master, who is the betrayer? Master, who taught us to betray the earth our mother, covering it with waste and concrete, and so stupidly handing over the future of our planet to power-hungry politicians, who with their right hand conform common welfare to their own advantage and with their left one manage stock markets? Master, who convinced us to betray the air and the water we breathe and drink, handing over the life of our planet to scientists who can kill a butterfly but can not give life to one, who can create the ozone hole, pollute rivers and seas with chemicals, but have no solutions to retrieve balance and harmony? Master, who taught us to betray the truth to the point that we base our constitutions on founding principles such as human dignity and freedom, while at the same time establishing that market laws, founded on a "business is business" policy, rule over every other human reality? Who taught us to betray beauty to the point that through our schooling system and other educational agencies we teach the new generations respect for others and love for nature while at the same time we give absolute priority, in every activity, sports function, work situation, entertainment event to appearances, success, competition?
Open up our eyes, because we are so blind and ignorant regarding  existential procedures that most of the time we are unable to expose who in reality is the betrayer who betrayed mankind and God. The betrayer is the one who divides, the devil, Satan, he who betrays God and men constantly. We tenderly lean on your chest, Jesus, and implore the light of wisdom to make us able to recognize who is  humanity's betrayer and the gift of discernment of the heart and the mind so as not to fall into his destructive and deceiving web. We tenderly lean on your chest, Lord, and we ask you to give us strength for our soul so that we will be able to place the future of our planet and our history in the hands of the Lord of life and not in the fauces of the betrayer of God and of mankind.