Wednesday 8 April 2020

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 26:14-25

The price

One of Satan's accomplishments was undoubtedly managing  to make mankind put a price on everything, an achievement that surely procured a visceral and acute pleasure for him.
For humanity, learning to consider God as an enemy and money as a god was an indispensable step towards putting a price on anything and everything and the beginning of self-destruction. Now land, food, people, work, time, water, marital relations, disease, and health all have a price. The forests, herds of wild animals, glaciers, rivers, oceans, the life of men and of women, the life of children, the rich and the poor, and God himself all have a price.
Everything has a price and if everything has a price it means that someone earns something on everything: even the person of Jesus was given a price, thirty pieces of silver, the cost of a donkey. Instigating mankind to put a price on things was the most powerful way to remove God from life, but especially to substitute himself for God, depriving us forever of wonder, amazement, grace, gratitude, generosity and serenity. People began to lose their smile and their serenity precisely when the process of putting a price on everything first began and developed.