Saturday 11 April 2020

The Easter Vigil

Word of the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
The Gospel of Luke 24:1-12


It is early morning on Sunday, the first day of the week. The women are going to the tomb where Jesus has been buried, and they are taking with them the spices they have prepared. They see the stone rolled away from the tomb, they enter, they do not find the body of the Lord Jesus, and they start puzzling over the meaning of all this. This is Satan's success. Satan's great success is having generated in people's minds the most rock-belief: that death exists and leads to the tomb. Satan's great success is evident by the fact that the women go to the tomb, believing to find Jesus behind the stone, they are astonished when they do find the body of Jesus, they do not believe their eyes, as they believe in their minds. Satan's great success is having persuaded man's mind that death is more real than life. After all that Jesus said, did, show and revealed, even to His friends the empty tomb on that Sunday morning is incomprehensible, inscrutable, irrational, unacceptable. Even to Jesus' friends that tomb should be full, full of death, full of lifelessness. Satan's great success is having convinced people that death is final, rational, sure, reliable, absolute, definite, and it is more certain than life. People call birth the moment in which a man enters as a child in the physical-earthly dimension, and call death the moment when a man leaves this physical-earthly dimension to enter heaven. In reality there is no birth and no death, birth and death are only bridges across two existential dimensions. The birth on earth fulfills man's choice itself, which took place in the garden of Eden, that is the choice of running his life by himself alone, placing himself in revolt against God and separating from Him. Birth allows man to leave the heavenly dimension and enter the earthly dimension to live his experience and grow in the knowledge and loving understanding of his being an immortal child of God. Death ends the earthly experience and allows man to return to the heavenly dimension to complete his spiritual journey of evolution. So, birth and death do not exist, they are just bridges, passages from one dimension to another. Man cannot experience death, as he is immortal. He can experience the process of dying and indeed not all men have experienced and will experience the process of dying, because throughout human history there have been many people who, because of their high degree of spiritual evolution reached on earth, have left the earthly dimension by being simply assumed into heaven without crossing the bridge of death. Death does not exist, it has never existed, simply because God did not create death. Actually we experience dying, but it is a passage, a passage from a very delicate and important dimension to another. Unfortunately, under the burden of satanic deception, human dying can be truly terrible, terrifying, painful, frightening, and this experience does not depend on the fact of dying in itself, but only on how man lives his life. If man lives well, he dies well, if man lives badly, dies badly as well.
Satan's great success is Having convinced people that death is real, because not only has he persuaded our minds to believe that the bones of the dead fill the graves, but mainly because he has managed to fill our hearts and lives with terror and fear, transforming faith in superstition, God in a capricious and bully tyrant, life in a delirium of omnipotence for some and in an ocean of slavery for everyone else. In order to achieve his purpose, Satan used everything, but most of all he used every form of art, culture, philosophy, ideology, literature, music, so that he managed to spread among all peoples the belief that death exists. He achieved his most complete and great success when he managed to transform death into the core of every religion, thus disseminating its worship anywhere, inextricably linking it to the name and will of God.Having persuaded man that death is part of God's will is the most obscene annihilation made by Satan in human history.
Indeed Jesus died, but He did not experience death, because death does not exist. Because of man's hatred, Jesus underwent a horrible and painful dying experience, but he did not experience death. How can God enter into death which he has not created and which does not exist? Jesus' dazzling and wonderful resurrection reveals to man that death does not exist, and reveals and shows something even more powerful and beautiful as well. Jesus' resurrection reveals to man that the dying experience, which ends man's earthly living, if it puts and end to a life full of love and forgiveness, gratitude and peace, following the procedures of the Gospel, can become a beautiful and serene passage towards God's light, a wonderful passage into love. Jesus, by His resurrection, did not want to show that He, unlike mankind, can escape death with an act of force. The idea that Jesus could have fought with death to win, however beautiful and deeply rooted, is simply ridiculous and dangerously misleading. Jesus, by His resurrection, reveals that if we cannot avoid the event of dying to return to the heavenly dimension, by following the procedures and knowledge of the gospel we can certainly live on this earth a wonderful life, healthy, full, happy, prosperous, and therefore we can experience, at the end of our days, a completely peaceful dying event, harmonious, serene, and walk in peace to the heavenly mansions of the Father's house. What could Easter, pèsach in Hebrew, mean if not passage, i.e. the passage to a life without end in God's love and light?