Wednesday 22 April 2020

Second Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 3:16-21


The name of a person signifies his mandate. Only in our generation a name is given according to personal preferences and to how it sounds. In the past, a name had to represent a person, his task, his spiritual essence, his characteristics and capacities. Our ancestors used to change name many time during the course of their life, according to their spiritual evolution, the development of their skills and their changing tasks. Jesus as well was not given a casual name, or a name according to a tradition. His name was chosen according to the instructions of the messenger angel who appeared to Joseph in a dream: Jesus, Yeshua, because it represents and signifies His task, being the saviour and healer of the world. Jesus’ entire life unfolded under the sign and the light of His name. In every step, word, miracle Jesus unfailingly freed, saved, cured, healed His people, always. His name expresses His task and His wish, and, at the same time, reveals and realizes the Heavenly Father’s and Paraclete Spirit’s will and wish, which are saving, healing, curing, lifting up, freeing man, the whole man. Jesus’ name is an absolute guarantee: the sound of His name is the most pacifying and soothing sound in heaven and earth. Jesus knew that man, announcing His name to make Him known to people, even with the best intentions, in time would have run the risk to misinterpret, darken, betray His very name and distort in people’s heart the meaning of His mandate as a Messiah. Unfortunately, this announced distortion is the illness that has, since a long time, killed faith, turning it into religion, devotionism, fear and ignorance. Jesus tried to warn us about this risk when He said: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. Jesus clarified in a resolute and uninterpretable way, that the verb He came to speak and realize with His very life, as His Father wished, is the Greek sòzo, “healed-saved” and not krìno, “judge-divide”. The Greek verb krìno, “distinguish, choose, think, establish, decide, process, accuse” – from which the Latin cèrno, “separate, distinguish” – has its root in the ancient Babylonian qaranu, “pile up grain and straw”, and in the Akkadian karawu, “separate”. Jesus’ verb is not krìno, “judge-separate-condemn”, but sòzo, “heal, cure, save, free, redempt”, from the Akkadian shalwu, “healed”, from which also the Latin sàlveo, “heal, cure”, comes. This verb implies the concept of sanity and physical strength, but also of spiritual salvation and redemption.
According to how Jesus’ Name and task have been betrayed in these centuries, presenting Him to the people as the high terrible judge, the feared lord of the heavenly tribunal that parts the good ones from the evil ones, who rewards and condemns, He should have not been called Jesus, the Saviour-Unifier, but Krinù, the separating and condemning judge. The priests of the temple has taken Jesus’ wisdom, sweetness, compassion, tenderness, grace, graciousness and hidden them from people to show them only their personal distortion of Jesus: Krinu’, the separating-condemning judge.  Krinù is much more easy and useful than Jesus to keep people subdued, oppressed, ignorant and frightened.  For the priests of the temple, turning Jesus, who saves, heals and joins, into Krinu’, who judges, divides and condemns, is the most effective way to keep their dominion and power. This was the distortion that Jesus wanted to avoid in the announcement of His name and in the realization of those communities that would have believed in Him. Anyway, it is very easy to know who, in this generation, believes in Jesus or Krinu’. Those who serve the true Jesus, serve Him in the task of unifying, saving, healing man always and no matter what. Those who serve Krinu’, serve Him in his task of judging, separating, condemning. Jesus is the Son of God, Krinu’ is the son of our religious projections and of Satan’s script. When Jesus comes back – and He is already on the way, He will be the most tender and utter love for the ones who loved Him and recognized Him as Jesus, and He will show Himself as Krinu’ to the ones who announced Him as Krinu’ to the people, in the name of their interests and benefits.