Thursday 23 April 2020

Second week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 3:31-36

The immeasurable

God does not ration his gift of the Spirit: Jesus-God Sent by the Father surely speaks the words of God because he does not ration his gift of the Spirit, in Greek, èk mètrou, literally not from the measure.
Èk métrou
is the characeristic of how God gives His presence, riches, wisdom, power, creativity, inspiration, velocity, tenderness, His love and forgiveness, together with all the gifts and beauties of the Paraclete Spirit.  Èk mètrou, “beyond all measure, immeasurable, limitless, not to measure,” is an expression formed by the preposition èk, “from,” with the noun mètron, which comes from the Indo-Eusopean me-d – root of the Greek verb mèdomai, “take care, think, shared, plan” – meaning “measure, evaluate.” It is recording the dimensions, the measurements of properties, it is counting, weighing.
All good and riches of the Spirit are bestowed without any thought of benefit, advantage, competition. The main characteristic of the Word and of what it brings and sows is that it does not ration at all. What limits the action of the Spirit in a man, in the heart of one of God's children? Men are limited because of their limited mental orientation, because - by calculating - they limit all and everything to gain, profit, convenience, advantage. Men are limited because - by calculating - they become self-limiting and delimiting. When man's heart does not ration his availability to the Spirit, not to ration is the where, the when, the why, the with and for whom, the how.  Gifts, wellbeing, potential, and man's power in God are not rationed. 

We love You,
we adore You
and we praise You without limits,
most powerful
Spirit Love Paraclete.