Tuesday 12 May 2020

Fifth Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 14:27-31a


I will no longer speak much with you, for the ruler of the world is coming: he has no power over me. Literally: No longer will I tell you many things, indeed the prince of the world is coming: and in [Greek: èn] me he has [Greek: ècho] nothing. The literal translation is a bit different from the one in The New American Bible. Literally, in fact, it is written that the archon-prince of the cosmos, Satan, does not own-hold nothing on Jesus.
While Satan's princedom proclaims peace it organizes division and havoc; while it spreads democracy it conquers every supremacy, while it appears to be pursuing justice it persecutes dissidents and humiliates and beats the poor. For those who work in Satan's princedom it is legitimate fun starting wars, wreaking havoc and convincing young men to go off to their death pursuing patriotic ideals as if those were the highest of all possible endeavors. It is revitalizing for them to manipulate people urging them to choose as the highest, bravest, most honorable deed, arming themselvels and killing as many people as possible, regardless of how they became enemies, for the sake of basking forever in posterity's favor. It is pure pleasure for them to push numerous masses of peoples to kill one other, to make blood flow as rivers, all for the sake of guaranteeing possessions, the interests, the benefits, the supremacy of a few, the very few individuals-predators. For Satan's workers it is inebriating to educate generation after generation to consider assassins who call holy wars and pursue violence and torture as heroes and saviours. For the workers in Satan's princedom the only true evolution for the human species is progress seen in an arrogant, destructive military power and in the number of human beings that is succeeds in killing by hunger or starvation.
Jesus' princedom in the meantime is proclaiming peace, true peace, and teaching forgiveness and compassion; while spreading equality, it guarantees sharing and pursues justice, it prefers mercy and forgiveness, inspiring the poor people to go beyond desiring possessions and inspires the ignorant to search for wisdom. For the workers in Jesus' princedom, it is legitimate fun inspiring gratitude and thankfulness, inspiring men to serve others with unheard devotion, in places and situations where they know that, for the love of God and their fellow men, they might even die persecuted or laughed at. It is revitalizing to encourage men to aid those in need and to consider them brothers and friends. It is pure pleasure for them to humbly inspire human hearts to help one other, to share with one another in order to generate a higher energy of peace and grace, capable of abandoning the benefits and interests of the few to the advantage of everybody's true wellbeing. To them it is inebriating to teach generations and generations to recognize, as true heroes and saviours of the earth the men and women who successfully exploit their intelligence and the Spirit's gifts to build a world truly evolved in the way it builds, travels, uses earth's energies and resources, a world where wars, violence and torture are not possible. For the workers in Jesus' princedom the only true evolution of the human species is the progress of the regenerating and healing power of love and absolute respect of harmony and beauty.