Wednesday 13 May 2020

Fifth Week of Easter

Word for Today
Gospel of John 15:1-8

True Vine

Jesus calls himself the vine, the true vine: indicating that he describes himself as the vine itself, the source, and the origin of life.
The fact that Jesus underlines being the true vine implies that there is another actor on life’s stage who must be taken into consideration: while he is not the true vine nor vital, the devil has the power to propose himself to man as life, the source of life and the point of reference. He is, instead, a dangerous imposter, a deadly liar.
God the Father is the vine grower. The branches are men and women. The aim of men and women’s lives is to glorify the name of God the Father. And what could be greater or more magnificent to glorify the name of God than being happy, being at peace, breathing God’s energy to distribuite it in the form of grace and peace? What could be more human, to glorify the name of God the Father, than being full of joy, celebration, generosity, gifts, beauty, true wellbeing, serenity, divine force?
Remaining  united  to the branches means being able to bear much fruit, a fruit of happiness. Unity with the vine makes all things possible, without it, there can be no life at all. If an individual or a generation of individuals detach/es him/her/themselves from Jesus sooner or later he/she/they will cease to bear fruit, to glorify God, will wither, and will be thrown out by life itself.
Remaining united to Jesus does not take place automatically by belonging to one or another religion, it is not believing in one or another creed. Jesus became a man two thousand years ago, but it is possible for someone who has not known Jesus to live united and rooted in him even without knowing his name or his word. Jesus is an historic person but belonging to him and remaining united in him is a metahistoric fact that goes beyond time and space. Any person or generation that has loved and intimately adored God and that has promoted peace and justice, gratuitousness, forgiveness, mercy, and harmony with creation has certainly lived united and radicated in Jesus even without knowing him. When man gives up on Jesus he/she does not give up a creed or a religion but gives up on life, happiness, evolution. When man accepts Jesus and remains united to Him and His word, he/she chooses to be happy and to bear much fruit to glorify the name of God in the Spirit.