Sunday 31 May 2020

Pentecost Sunday – Year  A

Word for today
The Gospel of John 14:15-16.23b-26


There are four accidental causes for which it may happen that a person, while seeing well, can not see what stands before him. These causes are: keeping eyes closed, an obstacle that impedes the sight, a hypnotic state, darkness. These four causes empirically prevent a healthy person to see what he/she could see. Of course, once these are the causes, that may accidentally prevent a person to see reality correctly, are known, it is sufficient to turn the accidental nature of these causes in an organized and widespread system in order to prevent people to see reality on a regular basis and controlled manner.
Fear and confusion make us close our eyes, ignorance is the most powerful obstacle to our sight, hypnosis closes our eyes yet leaving them open, the darkness caused by ideology, magic, astrology is the absence of any glimmer of light of truth and reality.
They are organized systems of blindness that John the Evangelist collects in a single word: the world. With this term John identifies this darkening system organized by the hand of the prince of this world, Satan, and by his servants.
This is the world that Jesus himself claimed to be completely unable to meet the Spirit of truth, of which He says: the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it (John 14:17). So living in this inability to meet and know the Holy Spirit, the Comforter puts the world in a state of utter prostration to darkness and total lack of the smallest shred of truth in every human life's field.
But the most extraordinary and subtle, invisible and powerful thing is to begin to know and understand that the goal of this whole satanic process is not to make humanity blind, not at all. The aim is much, much more daring and deadly. This system of organized blindness is meant to lead humanity to a higher grade of blindness, somehow invincible: the real blindness is to ensure man to the chains of awareness that there is nothing to see and discover for our happiness.
Using Jesus to intimidate and frighten, manipulating Jesus to keep in ignorance, propose Jesus as hypnosis, turning Jesus away from any rational adherence to truth, all this has been a powerful process with the sole objective of convincing humanity that in Jesus, in the Word of His gospel, in the wisdom of the Spirit there is really nothing to see. This is the supreme blindness.
If Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and if in Jesus lies all the wisdom and the truth of any useful procedure in order to live this earthly life in a beautiful and full way - and Satan knows how all this is true - the supreme goal of the Evil one cannot be but trying to convince the world that actually in Jesus there is nothing to see. This is the victory of the Evil One, to convince the world that Jesus is nothing, is nothingness without meaning, and, paradoxically, it is the same goal that he is carrying on about himself towards the world. Regarding himself, the Devil tries to convince the world that he does not exist, that he is an empty presence, something non-existent, with no meaning at all. Nothing to see. It is the same procedure, which works perfectly on two opposite sides. If Jesus is nothing, no one will care about him to try the Happy Way, if Satan is nothing, no one will care about fighting him, and he can act undisturbed. This is Satan's victory: the good becomes nothing so nobody loves him, evil becomes nothing so no one avoids it.
This blindness leads man, who is now blind and confused, to seek light and truth everywhere except where they actually are, in an incredible global chaos of efforts, suffering and waste of all beauty.
This is why Jesus can say, the world will no longer see me, but ye see me, but you will see me, because I live and you will live. Once men believe that in Jesus there is nothing to see, this blindness leads man to seek light where there is darkness, beauty where there is massacre, peace where there is war, grace where there is shame. Such perfectly organized system  literally impedes the world to see, to know and receive the Spirit, but at the same time in the Spirit lies its most powerful antidote.
It is exactly the same as when you let yourself be overwhelmed by the fragrance of a hedge in blossom which you do not see yet. You welcome and let you be permeated by the bliss and subtle grace of the perfume. You welcome and believe. Believe and see. See and love. Love and live. Forever.