Monday 1 June 2020

Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Marc 12:1-12

The cross, last warning

What are the conditions needed to make someone decide to dive into a swollen river in the attempt to rescue someone else who is  being dragged away by the current?
First of all he must have the love, desire, and strength to save the unfortunate person even though he is aware that he is putting his own life at risk.
Second, the man who is drowning must have no real chance to survive unless he is helped: the observer must make the dangerous rescue attempt or the person being dragged away by the current faces certain death.
No one puts their own life at risk unless the situation is so desperate as to leave no other options. For the same reason God the Father asked His prophets to risk their lives to warn humanity being dragged away by Satan's current.  He knew that mankind would react to divine calls with violence and stupidity, but man’s situation and the magnitude of His love were so strong as to leave no other choice.
That was how it was for Jesus. Jesus would not have accepted risking His earthly life if man’s situation had not been so desperate. With His amazing calm and kindness, Jesus did not come to take a walk on earth; He came to save us and to rescue us from oblivion. While Satan's muddy current was dragging away humanity, even though he knew he was risking being tortured and killed by the same people he was trying to save, Jesus dove into the violent flood waters to rescue us to show us the way to liberation and salvation. Jesus dove into the flood waters not only to reveal His love and faith but also because of the desperate situation in which - unaware - mankind was floundering.
The cross and the resurrection are  a powerful and invincible sign of love but are also the last warning for castaways adrift at sea.