Wednesday 10 June 2020

Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 5:17-19

Depends on what

What does a man's life depend on? It  depends precisely on what that person believes in and on his daily inner dialogue, on what he says within himself, on how he speaks internally every waking moment. And what can a man believe in? In how many realities can a man believe in? Essentially in two. There are only two possible beliefs: believing in God or not believing in God. A man has only two kinds of beliefs to which he can commit his being entirely for his entire lifetime; and one is the opposite to the other. Possession or love, on which the choice between greed or sharing directly depends. These are the two possible beliefs for mankind. Possession-greed, by its own nature, is the root of havoc. Love-sharing is the root of wellbeing and life's harmony. Greed uses domination-tyranny; sharing uses humbleness-service. Greed feeds on instant gratification, sharing feeds on happiness, joy and true, long lasting wellbeing for everyone. Greed is Satan's precept-procedure and it ensures mankind's extinction, sharing is God's precept-procedure and it ensures joyful evolution of human life. These are the two possible beliefs in relationships, cultures, politics, economy, religions, work. There are no others.