Friday 12 June 2020

Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 5:27-32


Where do battles start? They start on the battlefield. No, they absolutely do not. On the battlefield battles die. Where are wars fought? They are fought on war fields. No, they are absolutely not. On the war field wars finish. Where are challenges lit up? They are lit on the challenge’s ground. No. They are absolutely not. On the challenge ground challenges run out. When do we savour retaliation for revenge? When the enemy pays back with the interests. No, we absolutely do not. When revenge happens, it is already breathless and worn out. Where does a lover’s betrayal take place? In bed? No, it absolutely does not. In bed betrayal is already a memory. Where does injustice happen? Does it happen where the poor’s scream out loud? No, it absolutely does not. Does it happen where there is violence, or where blood runs? No, it absolutely does not. Does it happen where dominion, control and submission are practiced? Or where chains are fastened, where inspection reigns and slavery is multiplied? No, it absolutely does not.
Where does one choose to be grateful and live out of thankfulness? Where does gratuity happen, even before a gratuitous gesture is accomplished? Where does one choose to love even before giving affection? Where do the humble plea for forgiveness and the offering of forgiveness, compassion and mercy come from?
Where does man get sick? Where does man prevent diseases? Where does man start healing? Where is the place in man where everything happens, the place at the origin of everything and where everything is consumed, accomplished, realized?
Jesus defines this place as kardìa. Kardìa is the “where” from which everything starts and where everything is realized in human life. Kardìa is the place where decisions are made, the place where man “commits” before committing, judges before judging, condemns before condemning, acts before acting, moves before moving, performs before performing, possesses before possessing, holds before holding. Kardìa is the man’s decision centre, the thought’s heart, expression of his intellectual and spiritual life: the Greek word comes from the Akkadian karshu, “internal organ”, specifically, “heart”, but also “intelligence, soul, mind”. The heart, in the Semitic world, is the seat of reason’s vibrations, while the viscera are the seat of mercy, of the loving emotion’s vibrations. The heart, centre of the conscious and volitional spiritual activity of the entire person, is the seat of the inner dialogue, where any plan, any proposal is architected. It is the seat of the human logos, of the inner personal dia-logos from where everything in man’s life originates and gets energy. Muscle does not move, eyes do not see, ears do not listen, feet do not walk, it is the heart-kardìa which instructs them with information and energy. Kardìa is the thinking heart, the personal self that chooses, the decision centre, where man continuously dialogues and decides the small and big yes and no of his life.
Every great horror, misery and wellbeing, every unspeakable pain and amazing joy humanity could live, is always, unquestionably, strictly coming from its heart-kardìa. The chains with which humanity has been made slave, jailed for thousands of years, do not come from the unjust laws of the powerful or the tyranny of kings and emperors, but from the deep folds of its own heart-kardìa. Man was not deceived by ideologies and evil sick philosophy, foolish and alienating doctrines read on books, but by its own heart-kardìa. Man was not induced to dwell, for generations and generations, in the most mean and dark ignorance and to accomplish every abuse and evil toward wisdom and truth, by the charming and poisonous voice of shameless enchanters, by hystrions legitimized by power, but by a voice in the hidden privacy of his own heart-kardìa. Humanity will never be able to get rid of its abusers, who are tearing its flesh, in intelligence and spirit, by taking to the streets, but by going to its own heart-kardìa, the only place where we can be in resonance with God’s love and life fullness. Humanity will not find its evolution listening to the voice of the ones who sell themselves as the voice of evolution and innovation, but listening at God’s and love’s voice in its own heart-kardìa.
In His next intermediate coming, Lord Jesus will not start His visit on earth from a cradle, but, after having shown Himself in the sky in all His divine glory and power, He will visit each one’s heart, the kardìa  of each one of His children. In that moment, simultaneously, He will make everybody feel, without any filter or reductions, how much each one’s kardìa is beating with love or rage, for God or for our ego. This moment of most high and intense awareness will be able to generate anguish vibrations or the sweetest thankfulness’ vibrations. This moment of bright and most clear revelation will make some vibrate with an unstoppable infernal annoyance, and others with the vibration of a praising and blessing song that no human ear has ever heard before. The vibrations of humanity’s heart-kardìa, in the highest moment, will shake even the sun’s and earth’s heart-kardìa.

Sweetest Lord,
Kardìa itself of love and joy,
of beauty and power,
You are at the door of our kardìa knocking, come in,
we pray You, come in and live in us.
When You live in our kardìa
we have the strength, the humility and the intelligence
to open the door of our kardìa  
only to forgiveness, never to revenge,
to understanding and not to judgement,
to thankfulness and not to annoyance,
to gratuity, never to greed,
to smile, never to rage.