Wednesday 17 June 2020

Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 6:1-6.16-18

He sees

He sees what is hidden and sees the ambition that is making the world slip towards the abyss of a simulation of a peace that is not His peace, the peace that He, the Lord all the things, has come to bring. His peace is forgiveness, mercy, sharing, justice. The world's peace is a peace of predators, one that is circumscribed in human constitutions that are more respected and honored than the divine Word. Peace that is hailed, obliged, written, sung, decked with flags, a peace enforced by armies that permits predators and their laws to carry out every kind of abuse and corruption, violence and terror.
He  sees in secret and sees the ambition that grows every second in the most devastating horror, the horror of the poor who, incited by rich and powerful predators, fight wars with one another on the battlefields, in the courts, in the workplace, in the stadiums, on the road, in homes.
The poor fight wars with one another, and the predators tear the earth to pieces and wreck havok on the the reign of Love that Jesus brought to man as the unique solution to inhibit man from falling into a self-destructive trap. He sees in secret and He sees the ambition of the predators transform itself into persecution, derision, slander, exploitation and rejection of those (the prophets and the persons dedicated to the Kingdom of God). He Himself gave to humanity to save it from its diseases, to free it from its ignorance, to inspire it with knowledge of the Gospel in order to open peoples' hearts to love. And that is how that men, with their own hands, eliminate for themselves the only useful weapon against the Evil One and the only possible anchor to salvation. He sees in secret and He sees the ambition that tricks men into not cultivating the reign of love, but preferring to cultivate the reign of fear, planting everywhere, wholeheartedly and with determination, the seeds of success, of vanity, of greed. He sees in secret and He sees that love has been replaced by ambition. Ambition denies love; it strips it and reduces it to poisonous shreds. He sees in secret and He sees the ambition of all those who deliberately transform their lives into a satisfaction mechanism to please and to gratify others. He sees in secret and He sees that ambition has even tricked men in their potential to transmit life. Ambition has tricked men to the point that they believe that life comes from their earthly father and mother, making them thus lose their divine kingship, their nobility, and, what is worse, the intimate relationship with their true Father and Mother, Lord and God. He sees in secret and He sees that the spirit, the heart, the dreams of His children have been replaced by ambition which has become the true queen of the human kingdom. He sees and keeps silent. He sees everything, absolutely everything and keeps silent; He keeps silent because He,  Love itself, does not consider respectful and honorable to add more evidence of our failure. He sees and keeps silent, and He continues to love, He continues to have infinite mercy. He sees and loves, but He cannot force us to cultivate the Reign of Love if we do not wish to enjoy its fruits. He sees and with infinite tenderness He entrusts us to the sweet arms of His Mother Mary, because the tender caress of Our Heavenly Mother's  warm, scented tears will reach the hidden place where even the wisdom of the Gospel and the power of Jesus’ loving sacrifice are unable to.