Friday 19 June 2020

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – Year A

Word for today
The Gospel of John 19:31-37


In view of  their scheming and plotting, using their authority, and taking advantage of the fear and ignorance of the people, the leaders  and the priests of the temple have just hung Jesus on the cross. Their plan to eliminate Him has been perfectly carried out;  they feel safer and stronger, their hands are clean, and now Jesus is hanging on the cross, lifeless, between two criminals. But one more thing needs to be done to fully accomplish the ritual of hypocrisy. They must respect the appearances of perversion. The same minds who organized killing the Son of God are now worried about the festivity about to be celebrated; they are concerned about the image of their streets when all the people will be there to celebrate. The same minds that ridiculed, slandered, tortured and nailed Jesus, the Son of God, to the cross, are now worried about the sense of unease and discomfort that people could feel seeing those lifeless bodies, bleeding and pecked on by the crows. The real victory of Satan in his battles, the final fulfillment and achievement of his plans and objectives can be found in his ability to cunningly cover with hypocrisy everything he incited to be accomplished for evil and destruction. An order is enough: the order to break their legs. If they are not dead yet, they will be in a few minutes. A man hanging on the cross whose legs are broken dies of asphyxiation in a question of a few minutes as he cannot rely on his legs to breathe. An order would be enough to clean the square from blood, to cancel that terrible vision and calm the people.  That order would be enough, but no one is able to carry it out. They scourged Him, they beat Him, they crowned Him with thorns, they nailed Him to the cross, but no one could break one of His bones, a fragment of His skeleton. Why? Because the prophecy said so? No, but the prophecy reveals the reason. The prophecy reveals that not one bone of Jesus, the Messia, will be broken and not by chance but by divine design. In Biblical symbolism the bones of a man, his skeleton, represent his essence, his profound nature, his spiritual structure connected with the Eternal One. According to divine design, the leaders of the people and the priests of the temple could do anything they pleased to Jesus' flesh, but they could not break His bones, and not by chance but because Jesus' skeleton represents His divine dimension as the Son of the Supreme Lord. Not being able  to break Jesus' bones is a sign that all that was done to Jesus was possible not for the power of man, but only and exclusively out of His love and respect for us he permitted it: No one takes it (life) from me, but I lay it down on my own. (John 10:18).
Man was not allowed to act against Jesus beyond what had been established by the Father; man has, moreover,  never been able, and never will be able to even go near to touching Jesus in His divine essence as the Son of the Father.  Not a bone of it will be broken is not only a prophecy but a revelation of how the powerful rulers of Jesus' time had fallen into total deception, thinking even for a second that they could get their hands on him, the Lord. It is true that they tortured, massacred, struck, and killed Him on the cross, but in reality they could do nothing, absolutely nothing against Him or against His divine essence. Jesus' resurrection, lived in complete and luminous peace and tranquility, is proof of it.