Saturday 27 June 2020

Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 8:5-17

Let what you have believed be done for you

One type of evangelization focuses on helping people to believe in Jesus through revelation and explanation of the historical events – the miracles, the death and resurrection connected to His lifetime. That type of belief is based on the mental and spiritual acceptance of Jesus’ life and teaching.
It is evangelization which refers to Peter’s first pronouncement in Acts 2:14 during which - for obvious reasons given that historical moment - the first apostle did not teach the Gospel, did not proclaim Jesus' Word, but the facts concerning Jesus, focusing on His death and resurrection. This was true even in the other great announcement in Acts 3:12, just as in Stephen's address before the court, when the figure of Jesus was linked to the whole extraordinary story of salvation. The same is true for Philip’s evangelization when he met Queen Candace's official, as well as Paul's catechesis, at least as it has been reported to us  and what we know from his own writings. From those early Church writings, therefore, which represent the first evangelization, it would be difficult to reconstruct a Gospel that contains the basic outlines of the procedures announced by Jesus. The heart of this catechesis, meant to help people to believe in Jesus's Word, is to historically validate Jesus as true God and true man, as the true and only Messiah at the center of the Jewish people's history and now, in accordance with the Father's plan, at the center of all human history. This evangelization helps minds and hearts to believe in the Gospel basing its authority on the fact that Jesus is God; it is an evangelization which narrates, describes, tells us about Jesus.
There is another type of evangelization which, without disclaiming in any way the first one, helps the minds and hearts of people to focus on what Jesus said, announced, related, in such a way that the beauty, the novelty and the divine effectiveness of His indications lead people to love and believe in Jesus as the true God.
You can believe in his words because Jesus is God or you can believe that Jesus is God on the basis of what He said. They are two different and complementary approaches, perfectly functional in different historical situations, but that should never be separated.
Today, for example, the Gospel says, literally: You may go, as you have believed, let it be done for you. There is a procedure, an instruction manual in these words charged with light and power. Those words reveal to us in no uncertain terms and in an absolutely clear way that the dimension of the spirit controls everything and anything. They reveal to us that nothing has the same power as our desires, when they are nourished with the power of faith, and that everything obeys them. Those words reveal to us  that the power of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit Paraclete truly implements what we firmly believe with all our might. As you have believed, let it be done for you reveals an unknown truth to the world, a powerful force never used before. It reveals that what happens on such an occasion (as you have believed, let it be done for you) does not happen by chance, it is not a unique opportunity, it is not a rarity; but it is exactly what always happens inevitably to all of us when we desire with all the power of the faith that Jesus stirs in us. It reveals that the power of that as you have believed is always effective and that the entire universe and all the world’s energy humbly bows and joyfully sets to work, in accordance with divine laws, to perfectly and properly make it happen. It reveals that the mind and the body obey this power and always execute the orders and desires of the captain who is the spirit, depending on how and how much it believes, without ever questioning or interfering.
It reveals that in the name of God the power of what and how we believe can change the biology of our body and that of events. It reveals that each cell of our body is always perfectly and constantly focused on the energy developed by our spirit and our inner dialogue, to modify and adapt themselves in an energetically consistent way. Cultivating negative thoughts about our capabilities, losing faith in God and in his faithful, loving protection, not trusting Him and His amorous, tender embrace forces the cells of our body to make a strenuous effort to adapt themselves to this energy state, impoverishing their defense system, i.e. the immune system. Faithful and loving thoughts even on difficult days release hormones and electrochemical processes which are good for our health and life. Cultivating dark unloving, cynical thoughts compels our metabolism to produce consistently toxic and destructive substances. Looking towards the future with a dark and discouraged inner dialogue, without faith in God, in ourselves, or in life means forcing our brain synapses, receptors and neuropeptides to consistently adapt to this kind of destructive energy, which is toxic and acid. As you have believed, let it be done for you reveals that if we want to have a healthy, strong, young body to serve the kingdom of God who is love, it will be done exactly according to the quality and profile of our desires and our faith. It reveals that today's disharmony, tensions and toxicity depend on yesterday's faithless and unloving thoughts and inner dialogues. It is a simple and wonderful revelation which helps us to train at the school of observation and meditation. Observing in meditative way, with attention and confidence, what thoughts and internal dialogues are occupying our minds and our spirits is fundamental to check the line, strength, direction, purity, and brightness of our beliefs, and, if necessary, enables us to replace and purify them. There is nothing more effective in the world than changing our inner dialogue by praying and meditating in intimate, loving adoration of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
As you have believed, let it be done for you
means that Jesus performs the miracle by stirring, with the power of His Word and His Spirit, a divine, healing, saving power, that He himself has placed in the veins of our spirit and our being made in His own image and likeness. Without Him we can do nothing, but in Him, with the strength of our desire and of our faith, anything is possible.
As you have believed, let it be done for you
says something never heard before: in life everything, absolutely everything that happens in life and depends on what we believe, on how we believe it, on how much we believe it in our hearts. A  fragrant or malodorous life reflect the fragrance or the stench of our thoughts. Bright or gloomy days and events  reflect the brightness or the gloom of our desires. Actions, events, meetings, choices for a passionate life or a faded existence stem from the loving passionate interest or disinterest we have for what we believe. As you have believed, let it be done for you is a universal dominat law, it is a universal source of knowledge, it is a universal procedure. All and everything works that way always, since forever.
It is really true that this is the Word of the Lord: only the Lord of all and everything can reveal a Word such as this one for the true wellbeing and complete happiness of mankind.