Tuesday 30 June 2020

Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 8:23-27


Seismòs, from the Sanskrit root tuesami – from which tsunami –, “being distraught, excited, shocked”, literally means “wag, storm, earthquake, seism”. The true storm, the feeling that the boat is about to sink in the raging waters, lies more in the soul and mind than outside. The storm, as the dark valley and the no way out paths, is, most of the times, within, within our mind. The tsunami which our thoughts, our inner dialogue’s storm elicit is within, within ourselves.
Why are you terrified, O you of little faith? Little faith, big fear. That we have little faith is evident by the fact that we are afraid, we carry a great fear, which becomes anxiety, haste, guilt, indifference, rage, fury, conflict, ambition, yet remaining always just fear. Faith is not believe in God, believe that he exist. Believing is first of all not doubting Him, His predilection and love, not thinking ill of Him, never allowing the mind, for no reason whatsoever, to consider Him guilty or responsible for our troubles.  Faith is trust Him, trust His love so much that we abandon ourselves in Him and relax. Yes, faith is complete relax in God, because He is the Lord of every and each thing, He loves us as we could not even imagine, He holds us in His lap and tenderly cuddle us.  Faith is letting go until completely relaxed in God, no matter what happens. Faith is not getting agitated, agitation give strength to the already powerful tsunami, whether it is within or without. Faith is not be surprised, surprise and shock make the tsunami spread more wide. Faith is not be frightened, fright and restlessness make the tsunami more deep and heavy. Faith is not generating anxiety, because anxiety makes the tsunami more resistant. It is not generating pressure, that psychological pressure that make the tsunami more efficient and lasting for longer. Faith is not fighting, not entering into conflict. Opposition and conflict are the surest way to get caught in the deadly coils, to become part of the tsunami itself.
Whatever happens, have faith. Keep your faith, enhance your faith, abandon yourself in Him, relax in Him. Always and in whichever occasion, happy or sad, love Him with all your strength and feel that you are loved.  Whatever happens do not fight, meditate the events in your heart and learn to love more, meditate and breathe deeply, and with every breath deeply thank. Meditate and thank, do not rebel, do not challenge God, do not shout at Him for His supposed lack of care, as the disciples on the boat did: Lord, save us! We are perishing!  Do not challenge, do not judge the others, do not fight, the only sure result of any war is death and bloodshed. Meditate and thank, always and no matter what, nothing happens by chance, God did not abandon you. Even though evidences show the opposite, He is always with us with infinite tenderness and ultimate gentleness: ask forgiveness for the wounds inflicted and forgive for the ones inflicted to you and do not doubt. Every tsunami is melted more easily whit the faith’s smile than with the fear frostbite. Holy Mary, in her life on earth, had to overcome unforeseen and most powerful tsunami, and she is the true teacher of faith and letting go, of meditation and praise. We run to her to learn and when the tsunami secretly arrives in our heart or from the four winds, sudden and overwhelming.