Thursday 2 July 2020

Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 9:1-8

The mind

Jesus knew what they were thinking, and said, Why do you harbour evil thoughts? According to Jesus, the scribes thinking is evil, and it shows itself in the inability of the human mind to link all its contents and knowledge, since jailed by prejudice and chained by ignorance. The scribes cannot link the information they got from the bible with the ones they are directly receiving from the power and the wisdom of the God-man standing before them. To deepen the knowledge of the reality of life and living, the mind created, in thousands of years, the most varied disciplines and sciences, but each one of those tended to look for and gather information and knowledge proceeding uniquely in their own direction, so that comparison, sharing, overview and, in one word, wisdom, was impossible. Wise, then, is not the one who knows, but the one who is able to link different knowledge, coming from different sciences and disciplines, towards a uniform and complete vision. Jesus defines the scribes’ mind’s process – operator of division – as a evil one, which creates damage and danger, far from God and man, because it does not allow in any way to join fragmented and separated knowledge. Nowadays everyone is talking about awakening, wishing for a time of new awareness, but they really do not know what they are saying. What will happen to the mind, when it will be able to open to a more uniform and unifying vision, after having been far from God for so long? If God the Father will not be the One to be with us in this awakening, with Jesus’ compassion and the grace and creativity of the Paraclete Spirit, the reunification of the fragmented and separated knowledge will lead to such a vision of reality and of the procedure explaining how life works, that the mind will go insane. Practically, when the mind will open up to the vision of how we could have lived on earth, of how we could have been happy, healthy, genial and free in this wonderful and endless world, even though it will be a vision of utter wellbeing, it will cause the mind great and unbearable suffering. Only a fool can think that suddenly becoming aware of what we have lost, thrown away, destroyed in such an arrogant and painful way, will be a liberating and happy moment! What will be of the human mind, when it will suddenly realize how much humanity has suffered, and has caused its own sufferance, for nothing, for stupidity, pride and fear?  If God will not be with us to protect us in the days of awakening, we will all die of pain and terror.
What will happen to the human mind, when it will become clear that the hospitals have been full, for centuries, not of sick people, but of men and women who kept holding onto rage, resentment and fear, and that healing was not to be found without but within man? What will happen to the human mind, when it will be evident that the educational system used for thousands of years, to lead generations to the knowledge of God and truth, through forcing, duty and will, was instead the only system able to cancel every form of understanding? What will happen to the human mind when it will become clear that no war was necessary, no war was helpful to anything, no war was started if not for cold calculation of the powerful ones’ interests? In the days of ignorance the human mind was struck by guilt, but in the days of the enlightenment it will be struck by regret. Without God’s loving care, the awakening process will make us either completely insane of constantly on the run, to get as far as possible from a kind of wisdom and awakening that we cannot bear, hiding once more in the dark cave of laziness and ignorance. Without Jesus we cannot do anything, not even enjoy the days of our new awareness.