Friday 3 July 2020

Saint Thomas, Apostles

Word for today
The Gospel of John 20:24-29

Religion and Faith

Thomas asks for evidences, religion asks for evidences. Jesus asks for love, faith asks for love. Religion is a cage which does not consider at all the dimension, the potentiality, the unheard news of the spirit of the human person; man, in all his richness, has to miserably adapt, shatter himself to fit into that pre-established cage. Faith makes man grow from within, in all his beauty and divine potential which God the Father gave to each of His children for the wellbeing of everyone, without imposed limits or agreed measures. Religion comes from ignorance and it is enemy to true science, it violently criticizes intellectual honesty as it was a heresy: faith comes from wisdom, is fed by intellectual honesty and it is the necessary support for true science. Under the mesh of religion wars, injustice, plunder, racism and any kind of violence can be hidden. Faith transparency cannot cover any violence, killing, theft and injustice. Religion is always convinced to have already found, to be right, faith surely knows that it never has to stop looking for the truth. Religion can be obtained only by force, faith only with love. Religion is spread through habits, faith with examples. Religion is handed down with traditions, faith cannot be handed down, it can only be chosen with love. Religion is diffused through proselytism, faith through the gift of oneself for the love of God, of oneself and of others, and with sharing. Religion hands down duty and fear, faith opens the gate of happiness and passion. Religion is founded on an event or a series of events, dogmas and precepts, faith is founded on a love relationship, on a love response. Religion orders, faith inspires. Thomas wants a religion, he wants to see to be able to believe, he wants to touch the nails’ wound; Jesus inspires the faith’s spirituality, and faith is believe to learn to see, it is a relationship based on love and trust to learn to understand. Religion lures people in and shows off its grandiosity and power, faith leads to God and only needs to sing and reveal the greatness and power of the Lord. Religion says: that is God, Faith sings, prays and constantly praise: My Lord and my God!