Wednesday 15 July 2020

Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 11:25-27

I acknowledge

Life has no meaning without praising and giving thanks to the majesty and glory of God's name.
There is no praise without acknowledgement, without humbly recognizing His majesty and greatness.
There is no acknowledgement without revelation, without welcoming the novelty and the prophecy of the Holy Paraclete in our heart and becoming an instrument of His revelation.
There is no revelation without intellectual honesty, without intellectual humility. Here is an obvious example: remaining stubbornly convinced that the earth is at the center of the universe when, looking into a telescope, one can see that it is not, is a poisonous and dangerous lack of intellectual honesty; it is failing to perceive reality, it means falling terribly away from any common sense.
There is neither intellectual honesty nor humility without metànoia, without a total change of mental orientation.
There is no metànoia without deep and consistent bliss in God's love, without feeling incomprehensibly and totally loved by God, an inner state that leads us to totally abandon ourselves to God's holiness and goodness.
Jesus is filled with overflowing joy and He can hardly contain His exquisitely divine pleasure in acknowledging that God His Father reveals nothing
to the learned and the wise of the earth about the wisdom man needs to live and improve his life simply because God the Father does not like it, it gives Him no pleasure, it Him gives no joy. Magnificent. Simple. Impeccable.
Literally, Jesus says: I acknowledge, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned and you have revealed them to the childlike. Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will before You.
Presumption and arrogance are likely to become the violent expression of the ignorance of the learned and of the powerful who find no other way to conceal their pathetic failure toward humanity than by subjugating people and flaunting their power. Besides shutting up the prophets, the presumption and the arrogance of the learned and the wise preclude divine revelation and silence God the Father. To silence God's prophets and to cause God to be silent by means of conceit and arrogance is dangerous, extremely dangerous and foolish. Without revelation, without someone who reveals
the Word to us, who gives us knowledge about the Word, who knows how to inspire us, we are lost, completely lost, astonishingly lost. Why?
Because revealing means warning about an impending danger, even if no one is at all aware of it. Revealing is confiding to a few how a reality works, when the others are unwilling to and cannot understand. Revealing is manifesting and praising joy and beauty, it is describing the wonders of providence, it is proclaiming the Word, it is celebrating and giving thanks for all the love received, it means embodying novelty and change, it means disseminating wisdom,  breathing the Holy Spirit,  unravelling the mystery, doing good deeds, opening the doors of knowledge, showing the way, uncovering the light,  spreading enthusiasm, passion and joy. To reveal is to dissolve deceptions, to unveil malice and falsehood. To reveal is to communicate the good, to express beauty, to proclaim God's Name, to teach His divine procedures, to explain to those who are unaware, to suggest to those who seek, to spread the trust in God, to enhance knowledge of God, to draw new paths for the sake of the Holy Spirit, to exalt His gentle regard for us. To reveal is to break with compromises, to distrust impostors, to throw down the mighty, to inspire the poor to aspire to greater things, to give the earth's resources
back to the meek.