Thursday 16 July 2020

Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 11:28-30


As we slowly follow the  Gospel story and watch Jesus react, we can gather and describe with great precision what meekness really means, what true kindness is, what love is, what forgiving really means, what winning over evil and rage means, and what following the book of joy and being happy really is. Being meek is not getting irritated with evil people, it is not being envious of people who cheat. Meekness is not looking just with the eyes to see;  it means having such a wide perspective as to understand that evil does not have any real subsistence and can quickly be cast away.  Being meek means trusting God and doing good as much as we can. Being meek is feeding on faith and on God's Word as long as we live on this earth. Being meek is always rejoicing in God and always thanking, without ever thinking badly of Him. God will give to the meek person what he/she asks for, He will respond to all of his/her wishes perfectly and with absolute effectiveness. Being meek is entrusting our life to God, trusting in Him because He takes action and does. Being meek means remaining silent when the enemy strikes and slanders, it means remaining in silent, loving meditation before God; being meek is waiting expectantly and lovingly before Him. Being meek is not getting irritated with people who cheat and those who prosper through their evil ways; it is never competing with people who are famous and successful, and not seeking glory's vanity and ambition's tension. Being meek is being slow to anger. Being meek is abandoning, overlooking, laying down, forgetting, letting go, unchaining, neglecting, stopping anger. It is letting go in an awareful and loving manner to what is already gone or has already been taken away from us. Irritation and competition always hurt, they always wound, they always pain us badly. Being meek is knowing, perfectly and without any doubts in our own mind, that evil people are always struck down and slaughtered and their places disappear in a second. People who have faith in God, instead, will inherit and really own the earth. Being meek is being enriched with the earth's energies and enjoying unmeasurable peace within and without.
The meek person does not respond to evil with evil; the meek person does not respond with his/her own will, and does not subject him/herself to other people, but only to God. The meek person does not respond to injustice with injustice and rage, but with a different strength: the invincible strength of the desire for peace. The meek person is never sad, he/she is always thankful in his/her heart and mind,  beyond any logic. The meek person is never resigned, he/she  never gives up wishing God's wishes, wishes of peace and welcoming, even when everything and everybody seem to spread conflict and spite. The etymology of the word is meaningful: the Greek pràus, “meek,” comes from the ancient Sanscrit root pri, “to love,” and it is also found in the Akkadian parru, “lamb.” The original meaning is “lover, cheerful, friend.” He is meek in the sense of sweet, loving. The meek person is not only the one who loves but is also the lover who forever and always smiles.