Tuesday 28 July 2020

Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 13:36-43

Do not fight

Fighting always means using force, the Evil one's dark procedure, always. Fighting evil not only means using the Evil one's procedure, but also pretending to be God, and that is perverse, poisonous idolatry. This planet  has never seen so much evil as when people have tried to fight against injustice, heresy, sin, evil. Injustice has never caused so much sorrow as when people have fought against it. Heresy has never been so misleading and dangerous as when people have fought against it. Sin has never spread so far as when people tried to fight it. Evil has never been so powerful and efficient as when people have fought it. The ends do not justify the means. The ends reveal the means. Every fight, regardless of the reason why it has been fought, facilitates and empowers evil. If the means belong to the enemy, to the Evil one, then the ends also are his. If the means belong to God, then the ends are also His.
Jesus' inspiration is quite illogical for our narrow minds and for our limited mental and theological processes. Jesus inspires us to sow good seeds, but never to fight against evil. He inspires us to multiply gratuity, not to fight against ambition, to generate gratitute, not to fight against indifference, to dip our hearts in forgiveness, not to fight against mistakes or the persons who made the mistakes. He inspires us to sow love as children of love, to multiply everywhere beauty, grace, kindness, smiles, not to fight. When Jesus will come back on earth he will tell his angels and archangels to fight and win evil, a task which He never assigned to his children. Evil can be impaired only by sowing and multiplying good and love. The children of the Evil one can be recognized by the fact that they fight, they always fight against everything and everyone. The children of God can be recognized because they do not want to fight or to overcome evil, but only to  serve love and sow good seeds.