Thursday 6 August 2020

The Transfiguration of the Lord

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 17:1-9

Passed through by light

Whatever your mind and thought process can imagine and think about what God wants to make of you, through you, and with you; whatever you have been told about Him and about the hows and the whys has nothing to do with the transfiguration that God desires for you and for each of His children. Whatever your beliefs and your expectations regarding relationships, education, society, religion, morality, whatever you think and you have been persuaded to believe and taught about what God wants from you is not only far from the truth but is even contrary to what God actually desires to make of you in His infinite mercy.
God wants to transfigure you, but according to His procedures and time, and no man, writing,  religion,  morality, or human culture can ever truly reveal how and why God is doing it. Only your heart – if only you could hear its voice - can enable you to hear a bit of what God is reserving for you, and of His wonderful plans, which many of the people you meet are blindly and violently attempting to modify or nullify to make you into what you are not.
Jesus is transfigured, but He does not change His identity, rather He shows who He really is beyond any earthly appearance which, like a disguise, conceals His divine glory.
Jesus wants to free us from the chains of our human beliefs, to free us from possessive relationships, to heal our heart from necrosis due to trauma, disappointments, fear.
Before leading us to the embrace of our Heavenly Father, Jesus wants to do to us what He did to Himself; He want to transfigure us, to make us what we really are, to take us back to what we have lost because of evil's deception.