Sunday 13 September 2020

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 15:1-32


Love hugs you when you come as well as when you want to go away. When you go away, love misses you terribly, but it does not make you miss it, because it is always there for you. When there is no love, you must beg for it, but love never begs you. 
Love looks for you day and night, and when it finds you, it rejoices abundantly, but it does not tell you to come along, nor does it rush you, it does not drag you, it does not force you, it does not chain you or expect anything. It lets you know it is there, happy to have found you, and that is enough. If you want to come back, love will carry you on its shoulders: there is no other way for you to return. Love knows how much you struggled when you were away, it knows what wounds, sores, shame you have inside, it knows and it does not want to tire you out any further.  Love is rich and it wants you to have a comfortable journey on its shoulders, at least on your way back. The person who goes back to love, is always, always carried on its shoulders.
According to love’s vocabulary, the one who goes away from love becomes lost, wherever he/she he has gone and even if he/she has not gone very far. When you are far from love, even if you know where you are going perfectly, you are lost, you have lost your way.
If you want to go, love lets you, it does not stop you, it does not block your way. If you want to go, love does not blackmail or disinherit you. Love will not threaten you, or cut off your privileges; instead it prefers to grant you new ones that you did not have before. If you go away, love follows you from afar, it feels everything you feel but it never ever takes your place. If you fall in the mud, love does not come to pick you up, but it sings, it sings louder. To save you, love sings within you. Love will save the world with the melody of its songs.
If you you are caged in, love will not come to open the cage, but it will sing louder. If you nullify yourself or throw yourself away, if you are ignorant or miserable, love does not give you a lesson, it does not argue, but it sings louder.  To find you, love sings louder within you the music only it knows: the irresistible music of union, unity beyond any separation. It sings, it sings louder within you, and every single night it looks for you on the road that would bring you back home. In love’s day there is a night in every moment. Love is not in a hurry, but it does not waste a second, it never sleeps but it does not get agitated. When you come back, love is already there. It does not want justifications or speeches; it just wants to celebrate, always and only celebrate, with honour and regality. Love is moved because it always misses you so much that it is almost impossible for it to catch its breath, love is moved because it knows you. Only love truly knows you and knows how beautiful and lovely you really are and what an extraordinary being you are.
Only when love hugs you, it breathes easily. Love runs to meet you, rather, it is already there where you got lost. Only love knows there is no place where love is not present, because no place can exists without love.  No matter how far you went, no place is too far for love, because there is no place beyond the land of love. No matter how far you are, for love you are only a few steps away, love knows it.
Love is rich, very rich. It wants the best for you, always and forever: the best clothes, the king’s ring on your finger, the most luxurious banquet, the fattened calf. Love does not know misery, it does not know duty. Nothing is duty for love, everything is a celebration. Love is not happy with the rules of law, shortage, obligations.
Love rejoices for you, with you, in you.
Love does not distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate, between belonging and not belonging, between boundaries and privileges. Love only knows that you were dead and now you are alive again, it knows you were lost and now you are back, you were sad and now you are happy. In the evening, during the eternal banquet, love will get dressed and will ask you what you would like for dinner and then it will serve you.