Tuesday 8 December 2020

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 1:26-38

He doesn't give up

He doesn't give up, he doesn't give up on us. The Lord doesn't get tired, he doesn't get tired of us. Despite our haughty and pride, our coldness towards Him and our indifference towards His Word and His indications, he doesn't get tired, he doesn't give up, he doesn't give up on us. He leaves us completely free, yet he doesn't give up on us. Even knowing how we would have welcomed Him, he got the powers of heaven interested and moved events on earth to organize a visit among us, so that we could meet Him in person, and listen to Him directly, without intermediary, and see Him without clouds in between. His extraordinary journey, His visit on earth was announced to Mary by the angel's voice and, in Mary, it was announced to the entire mankind. In that womb one of the most tender and wonderful moment of the human history came true.
The mankind can rejoice of a great joy, not only because the angel announced Jesus, God's visit on earth, not only because this birth is the birth for man's salvation, it is the birth which is meant to beseech life extinction on earth, not only because this birth is proposing a wonderful possible evolution, but mostly because it is a sign that he doesn't give up, he doesn' give up on us, he will never give up on us, ever. And this is reason of endless joy. Jesus doesn't give up on us from His straw cradle, he doesn't give up on us while hanging from the cross, he, loving, bright, risen and alive, doesn't give up on us every second in the Paraclete, Advocate, Comforter Spirit. Jesus never give up on us.
The embodiment of Jesus in our DNA says something that has never been said so loudly and clearly. Knowing already that God is good to everybody is a truth that enlightens any wisdom of infinite consolation, but here Jesus reveals something more, he reveals that God is not only good to us, but He loves us, He loves us beyond any understanding and imagination. He doesn't give up because He loves us and He will always love us. He is constantly searching the horizon, tearful, waiting for His children to come back, always ready to run and hug them. He's always there with eyes and heart on the road, the road that Jesus built between heaven and earth to come to vist us, the same road that we will have to travel between earth and heaven to come back to Him.