Friday 11 December 2020

Second Week of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 11:16-19

I don't know who you are

What kind of generation is this?
But what kind of a generation is this anyway? It is indeed a strange generation that is incapable of using its own physiological and intellectual capacities.
It has reactions and behaves in ways that are not human. What species does this generation belong to?
This generation had the opportunity to meet John the Baptist, the highest, the most evolved, enlightened being on Earth. It had the opportunity to meet and listen to the most pure, just, coherent, non-violent, saintly, and selfless man who was detached from all power, compromise, and vainglory. This generation responded to John's voice, to the voice of God crying in the desert. It responded to the gift of John the Baptist accusing him of being possessed by the devil, throwing him into jail, and in the end beheading him.
This generation had the opportunity to  to meet and get to know Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of the Highest. It had the opportunity to listen to his voice and, by looking into his eyes, to meet the gaze of God himself.  This generation had the opportunity to savor his kindness, the kindness of a God who sits at table with his children, who drinks their wine and sings songs of celebration with them. This generation had the opportunity to see Jesus' eyes full of tears, of boundless compassion, of sweetness towards all. It had the opportunity to savor his familiarity, his liberating power against all evils, his outright non-violence, his wisdom without precedence.
This generation responded to the voice and to the encounter with God Jesus, who was joyful and gentle, accusing him of going with prostitutes, of being a glutton and a drunkard, possessed by demons. They threw him into jail, tortured and condemned Him to die a death of atrocious violence on a cross.
What kind of generation is this? It is absurd, simply absurd. It is a huge mockery if we think and tell one another that this generation's problem is its lack of faith and spirituality. This generation lacks intelligence, it is incapable of using the brain's natural physiological processes.
God doesn't recognize us anymore. He doesn't know who we have became.
But those who will gently let wisdom and mercy flow into their hearts carefully avoiding violence and stupidity will recognize the Love and Light in Jesus that come from above.