Wednesday 16 December 2020

Third Week of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 7:19-23

Who are we waiting for?

It is desire which creates reality. Everything began because of a desire, God's desire that there be light, that there be land, that there be wonder, that there be life.
Desire gathers energies, it directs them, and creates reality. If our desire is intense, what we desire will definitely take place in any case, always.
At the time of the separation in the Garden of Eden - gan edèn in Hebrew - in His desire for reconciliation, God the Father had already given His son Jesus to mankind,  even though it took a measureless length of time before that desire became history in Bethlehem. At the time of the separation in gan edèn, although confused, frightened, and betrayed, the human heart cannot but have intensely desired to return to love, unity, peace, and beauty. It took a measureless number of days and years before that desire became a part of history in Bethlehem, but Jesus, the peacemaker, the reconciler, the Messiah, the liberator, was not  desired only by the heart of  God the Father, He was also desired by the heart of mankind.
At last in Bethlehem those desires met and embraced forever, in that cradle an everlasting alliance was made. The divine and human desire for unity and peace became flesh in Jesus Christ, then and forever. Although the cradle will be transformed into a Cross, although Mary's milk will turn into blood, and the swaddling clothes will be transformed into nails, the alliance was made, unity was restored, salvation has flown over each and all of us as a universal waterfall.
The desire became flesh and came to live among us, and we have seen the glory of God in His countenance: At that time he cured many of their diseases, sufferings, and evil spirits; he also granted sight to many who were blind. He is here. Now it is important, it is crucial to follow Jesus and to learn to desire with all our might to achieve what he has indicated and inspired.
It is clear that if the heart of mankind does not recognize Jesus as God' Son, it will necessarily continue to desire, in an hysterical, fanatical way, other liberators, other messiahs, other peacemakers, other guides and references, and as always, by the law of desire, regardless of its truth, the desire will be fulfilled. This time, however, the desire is very dangerous, not only because it belongs only to mankind and not to God, but what is worse, if Jesus is the fulfillment of the divine and human desire for salvation, as long as mankind continues to desire saviors and messiahs, these will come and will multiply endlessly,  but they can be nothing more than thieves, swindlers, bandits, and exterminators. It is this mental desire that creates and produces only human, inconclusive guides, ideologies, magicians and dictatorships leading to further deception, confusion, fear and self-destruction.