Sunday 20 December 2020

Fourth Sunday of Advent - Year B

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 1:26-38


More roads for  the angels. More roads for the angels to travel and opportunities for mankind. An angel was sent from from the celestial city  to a young woman in a humble dwelling place in the town of  Nazareth: Mary. The announcement is against every posssibility and yet it announces the most fascinating reality in the history of mankind: the Incarnation of Jesus God. The angel pronounces a greeting that discloses what is not yet known but, if understood, has the power of changing the history of mankind: Rejoice.
Rejoice. Rejoice always. Rejoice ceaselessly Mary.
That is how the angel greeted Mary. But the angel's words sweetly addressing Mary became God's greeting to all of His children. Does a bill of money trampled in the mud lose his value? How then could a child of God lose his/her beauty and grace, divine value even if wallowing in the mud of deceit, in the quicksand of fear, in the dung of corruption and of slavery?
Rejoice, do not let joy get away, do not lose your smile, son/daughter of God, because you are so full of grace and of divine predilection of unbelievable beauty that there is no way that you could lose them, even if you tried with all of your might.
You can be unhappy, son/daughter, you can live without enjoying the grace and the beauty with which He filled and made you, but you cannot erase His divine tracks in you. Rejoice always and do not let joy get away, son/daughter because even if your mind does not see any possibilities, does not see any ways out, life is always full of opportunities and prospects which cannot but gladden your heart.
Rejoice, son/daughter, because nothing is stronger than joy, nothing more contagious, nothing defends more.
Rejoice in Mary, son/daughter of God, beloved son/daughter of the Earth. I, the angel of the Lord, I repeat to you in the name of God whe sent me: rejoice, because the Lord is with you. Consider this, man/woman, son/daughter of God, if you believe it or not, if you feel it or not, if you want it or not, the Lord is with you, He is always with you.
Rejoice, son/daughter, do not be afraid, fear is only in your mind, only and always in your mind, in the train of your thoughts racing on the rails of what you are convinced of, of what you let yourself be convinced of, by what others expect of you.
Rejoice, son/daughter, the Father asked his Son Jesus to be born in Mary and to enter into your history so that you can have peace in the  royalty of His reign and of His saving power.
Rejoice, son/daughter, Jesus the Son is with you always, at your side, at the door of your heart, cheek to cheek with you always in your daily life.
Rejoice, son/daughter do not let joy get away because nothing is ever by chance. Do not refuse what you do not understand. Accept it like Mary who accepted, with her marvelous, youthful yes, God's loving plan that no human mind could conceive of or understand.
Mary did not understand all of my words at that time and she did for a moment have misgivings, misgivings so exquisitely human and inevitable, misgivings of a mind that is unable to understand, is unable to see the picture, is unable to to put things in order, but Mary did not doubt, she said yes, she accepted a new, amazing, unexpected, incalculable, uncontainable opportunity.
Rejoice, son/daughter nothing is by chance, everything has a meaning, but not everything must be understood right away. Not everything must be clear and acceptable to  be accepted and loved.
Rejoice, never give in to sadness and never doubt God's love and His power because God's love is powerful, all-powerful leading the way to oppportunities and possibilities without end for your mind, your heart, your understanding, and logic.
Rejoice, son/daughter because He can do anything, He can implement every word, every dream, every breath, every deep desire. But you must have e faith, you must accept in order to believe. You must believe to accept.
Rejoice, son/daughter, at being a son of the Lord of opportunities, rejoice,  just as Mary did. She did not lend credence to her capacity to comprehend but to the incomprehensible magnitude of the project enclosed in the words of my message. Rejoice, son/daughter, and, like Mary, learn to serve the present, be faithful to your present, to the realty that life offers you, to the invincible force enclosed in that yes. Learn to imitate she who accepted everything from God even if she did not understand,  who saw everything even if  she did not know, who loved everything even if she did not understand.
Rejoice, son/daughter because beginning with the time I made the announcement to Mary and left her at her home, I have, by divine order, remained at your side and I will remain there always until together we take the road home. Rejoice.