Monday 21 December 2020

Weekday of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 1:39-45


Mary's feet moved quickly because her heart beat quickly; she moved without anxiety or agitation, but quickly. Mary responded to Gabriel, the angel of the Lord, immediately without waiting or having second thoughts. Love moves quickly, it moves immediately. Mary heard that her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant, so she set out quickly. Mary went as quickly as she could to help her, to support her, to share with her.
Even the most elevated faith, the most evolved spirituality, without the haste of love, of charity, if it is not characterized by sharing and reciprocal support is worthless.
If the movement of awareness and of interior reawakening does not hasten charitable actions such as humbly giving aid to someone, it is a journey that is destined to take you nowhere.
Mary's immediate "yes" to the divine project is the very heart of the choice to love, Mary's immediate and sacred haste to go to her cousin Elizabeth are the legs of love.
As Jesus explained to the Samaritan woman in John 4: 23-24, the new ocean of spirituality that He came to reveal is fed by the waters of two rivers: the first river is love, the intimate relationship with the Father who is spirit and wants worshipers who worship in spirit; Jesus expressed the second river as in truth which means coherence of actions, in justice, sharing together, in charity of actions. When these two rivers unite at the mouth of history they feed the ocean of the new Christian spirituality that realizes God's kingdom on earth.