Tuesday 22 December 2020

Weekday of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 1:46-55

Give thanks

At least try.
At least try to give thanks. Before beginning any inner dialogue or thought, a
lways try to give thanks. Even when there is no reason to be thankful, and even in the most adverse conditions. Always try to give thanks: for the rain as well for the sun, for pleasant events as well for less pleasant ones. Always give thanks because we perceive what happens in our life by calculating the time between our birth and our death, God instead looks at our life from the time of our birth to all eternity.
always to give thanks, both for your friends and enemies, both for good and bad days, and even when we feel defeated on all fronts. Give thanks in advance regardless of what happens to you, with the same spontaneity with which you breathe, even immediately after a car accident that you walk away from alive. Our body breathes while we are climbing and when we swim, perhaps with difficulty, but it breathes. Relaxing  in an armchair or running after a bus, the body breathes in any case. With different rates, in different ways, but we breathe always, otherwise we die. Breathing supplies oxygen to our body and brain. Giving thanks provides oxygen to our spirit and heart. Your heart knows it and so does your bloodstream. Guilty feelings do not prepare us to give thanks; judging does not predispose us to giving thanks. Forgiving predisposes us to give thanks, asking for forgiveness prepares us to give thanks.
At least
try. Just as you breathe i
n any case. Giving thanks is the soul's breath.
Mary, our sweet Mother, converted her thanks into song for the benefit of the whole church's daily life because giving thanks is already singing.