Thursday 24 December 2020

Weekday of Advent

Word for the morning
The Gospel of Luke 1:67-79


This hymn is a report, a faithful, detailed report on God's history with his people. It is not, of course, a report on everything that the Lord does for His people everywhere at all times, but it contains what his people must absolutely not forget.
This hymn contains a  comprehensive report on the journey that has brought God to live among us and that is leading us to Him. It is a report on what has taken place and, what is more, on what in every single moment, in every corner of the earth and throughout history continues to be, even if we are unaware of it. The Church begins every day praising the Lord with these words, because every day the Lord does, for his people and for each one of his children, what is outlined in this song which was inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
Even today, right now, even if we do not realize it, the Lord visits us and leads us gently towards salvation. He will do it and He is already doing it. Even today He evokes and inspires in our hearts the name of the powerful Saviour, the name of Jesus: by a deep longing, the desire or need to pray or to sing. We will not see Him nor will we understand, but even today He will save us from our enemies and from the hands of those who hate us. Even in this very moment His oath and his alliance is for us, whatever happens. He is always for us, completely for us. Today, now, He sets us free from the hands of our enemies so that we can be at peace and be ready to serve Him, without fear, walking beside Him on the path of holiness and justice.
Even today, thanks to the tenderness and the mercy of our God, Jesus, the sun that rises from above, will visit our minds and our hearts. And He will do it for certain,  He will shine for those who lie in the darkeness and in the shadow of death and He will lead our steps on the pathway of peace. This is how it is now, and this is  how it will be forever, regardless of our awareness and perception.  God's love for us does not depend on how worthy we are, it not a question of convenience, it is not in accordance to expectations. It always is, endless, invisible and powerful, and it is present always.
Our spiritual state of light or darkness does not affect the flow of God's Love towards us, but it certainly affects our capacity to perceive it.