Monday 28 December 2020

The holy innocent, martyrs

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 2:13-18

What does it lead to

Herod did not know how to deal with the birth of baby Jesus, he did not understand, he was unable to comprehend how to keep the situation under control. He was frightened, uncertain, he saw no escape routes, he did not want any surprises, he did not know what to do. At that point he chose a path, the only one he knew, the one he was used to: he let rage take over, he yielded to the war of the heart and the vengeance of the soul. What does rage’s wrath lead to if not to war and death? When inflated with rage's wrath, even the most holy intention and the most just and necessary motivation can lead to violence and fanaticism and serve to deepen Satan's obscurity.
Wrath is the feeling in Satan’s heart, anger is his blood, and revenge is his heartbeat. Where does rage’s fury lead to? It can lead to nothing else but war, death, destruction, and darkness. Rage's wrath is never the only response that is possible; rage is the response which chains everything and everyone in a prison of death and of fear. Herod knew no other path, no other way and even if he knew another way he chose not to follow it. True ignorance, true stupidity  comes exactly from this, from thinking and believing that rage’s wrath is the only way to deal with life's difficulties and problems. Believing that there is no other way but rage is the same as believing that there is no God, that God does not exist.
After their encounter with the baby Jesus, the three wise men found another way back to their country and proved that there is always another way to overcome Herod and life's difficulties, there is always another way: the way of providence, the way of gratitude, the way of acceptance, the way of love, the way of God.