Tuesday 29 December 2020

Fifth Day of the Octave of Christmas

The Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 2:22-35

He who is Consecrated to the Lord is Here

If the way of love is the way of God, if the procedure to gain happiness according to Jesus is the Beatitudes, if the way the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, conducts our heart to life is the way of forgiveness, every other way is not God's way, it is someone else's way and it is the way to the infernal abyss. The situation has been turned upside down: divine procedures are ignored and are the cause of ridicule and persecution; Satan's procedures, instead, have become the master ways that people walk along in ignorance and cultural, political, scientific, economic, relational stupidity.
Jesus, the Consecrated to the Lord, is the extraordinary occasion to change direction, to change internal attitude beginning with the deepest, most intimate roots of the soul and ending in every day choices and actions. In this respect, Jesus is the Consecrated one who is destined to be the cause of the fall and of the rise of many. Many, in fact,  have deliberately or unconsciously chosen to encourage dissemination of Satan's procedures to reach goals in politics, science, economy, and religion. For those people, Jesus will be nothing less than the cause of their fall, a devastating fall from which it will be impossible to recover.
For all those who have been faithful to their hearts and to the evangelic procedures as they struggle to reach goals in various areas of life and, despite persecution and ridicule, have continued to believe in love and in God's graces above and beyond every other interest, for those persons Jesus is nothing less than resurrection and the liberation from yokes and from oppression.
Jesus is the way, the life, and the truth. That is why Jesus, the Consecrated to the Lord, is and always will be destined for the liberation for some and for the fall of others.