Thursday 31 December 2020

Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

Word for today
The Gospel of John 1:1-18

A new name

John announces Jesus to the world with a new name. It is a name born out of his own personal experience with Jesus, a particular, unique experience, characterized by love and complicity, as well as an unexplainable yet potent predilection if we consider that the Gospel describes John as the disciple Jesus loved. It is not for us to know what that special, preferential  relationship meant to John; we can only imagine what a single moment of a special preference on the part of the One who is love, unspeakable beauty, and infinite compassion could have been like. What oceans of eternity can a single moment of His preference lead to? What did John experience and feel, what was he able to grasp about the heart of Jesus, His divine glory, His mercy, His light, His grace, His freedom, and His internal dialogue? It is not for us to know, but that blessed and unique name, new and yet unknown, that John uses to announce his Jesus can only be the synthesis and the wonderful translation of  his personal experience with Jesus: Lògos. For John, Jesus is the Lògos of God made flesh. We translate Lògos with literally Word. The Greek word Lògos corresponds to the Hebrew word Davàr, a term that in the biblical world is loaded with all the vital and dynamic strength of God's creative power. Davàr expresses both God’s creative movement and the sound, the original vibration, the Mother Frequency that creates life and movement.
By using Lògos John is expressing something that goes beyond the meaning of the word Davàr and the power of its biblical significance as it embraces the meaning of something that not even the term Davàr could express. Lògos  from the root leg-  basically means to “to gather, to rejoin, to give an inner order, to manifest, to unite”.  The word Lògos means to gather with the purpose of uniting.
Logos is the internal dialogue, in this case, God’s internal dialogue. But what is God’s internal dialogue, if not love? The term Lògos is the very heart of John’s sublime hymn marking the beginning of his Gospel which describes and announces three wonderful realities.
First, it announces the Messiah, the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God the Father using a new and innovative name: God’s inner dialogue.
Second, it announces and reveals the mission of the Messiah, His divine intimate identity, and the task assigned to Him by the Father to unite and gather in the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete,  all human beings.
Third,  it announces and reveals his extraordinary and unique human and spiritual experience with Jesus, an experience characterized by love, complicity, and a loving unprecedented  predilection.