Sunday 3 January 2021

Second Sunday after Christmas

Word for today
The Gospel of John 1:1-18


It's usually translated with verb, word, but the greek word logos really bear such an extent of meanings that can hardly be express with word or verb. In Hebrew logos finds its correspondence in the term davàr, 'word-reality', full of life power, dinamic and movement. In the divine Word, word and reality are always and perfectly the same, and, in this respect, Word is Reality, always. The Divine Word is the reality that generates life. Logos, from the root leg- has as fundamental meaning 'gather, join, give an order, show, reveal, unite'. In the Gospel, John identified Jesus with the word Logos, because Logos not only means the Word of the living God, but also His intimate and most deep inner dialogue, His own personal thinking and planning. Logos is the intimate, unknowable, unreadable thinking and loving heart of God. Saying Logos means the heart of the One and the Whole, the heart of the heart of God. Life, in its many different visible and invisible aspects, came from a single, unique, most soft spark of sound and light from the Logos, which then subdivided, not to part itself, but to multiply life's knots.
Knot by knot it expanded harmoniously and lovingly in every being and in every thing, until it knitted an infinite carpet, the carpet of life.
When someone is looking at a star far away, his eyes are seeing a star, but if those same eyes were immerse in the power of wisdom, they would rather see a spark of God in the shape of a star, perfectly connected through an endless web to the first generating spark of the Logos. Same when we look at our hand, or at a tree, a waterfall or a sparrow. The mind eye is not able to see and enjoy the connection, but life is a carpet of endless and immesureable knots of light all knitted together and to the primal knot that came from that sound's and light's spark that the Logos spoke. In the same way in which all that has been created came from the Logos, from the intimate and loving inner dialogue of God, so every and each thing is perfectly kept together and reunited by the Logos, to make all move and grow in the light, and, eventually, come back to God, the heart of the heart of God. Jesus is the human embodiment of God's Logos, the one through whom all is united at God's will, the one for whom everything is gathered and brought back to God, for God's mercy. In every cell, atom and fibre of our being, the light and sound of the Logos shines, and everything in ourselves lives only thank to the grace and power transmitted every moment by the Logos. What then can be more necessary and beautiful for our whole pneumopsychosomatic being that staying close to the vital and divine beauty? Maybe mankind hasn't started yet to understand the power of the immense gift Jesus gave us, making us able to read and listen, every time we want, His Word, His Gospel. It's an amazing and most advantageous opportunity to bring our being closer to the Logos vibrations, until we can immerse ourselves in the same vibrations from which we were born and knitted. Really we shouldn't even read and listen to the Gospel to get into the text and try to understand it, rather we should let the Word get into us. We get close to the Word, but in fact it's its vital and regenerative frequencies that gets into our mind and spirit circuits, so that the divine vibrations can take the place of the unhealthy and poisonous ones of human thoughts.
Not only our spirit, but also all the molecules of our being get drunk with joy and power when they can listen to the Word, the vibrations of the Logos in the Word of the Gospel. There's another way with which we can immerse ourselves in the frequencies of the Logos and let them get into us with their beneficial healing influence: it's the incommensurable gift of the Eucharist, the real presence of the Logos in the bread and wine of the Holy Supper.
There's also a third way to get close and be penetrated by His divine and loving vibration, and it misteriously comes through the feet.
God's Logos, Jesus, the Son of the Father, left earth leaving us an absolutely genial gift, only possible thanks to His majestic divine imagination: the Washing of the Feet. Jesus left and taught us the Washing of the Feet as one of the most sublime ways to nourish ourselves, to nourish us with His divine vibrations exchanging each other the power and grace of love, beginning with the feet. The feet are the body part the gets most easily dirty, because they are almost always in touch with dirt, mud, impurities, earth attachments. Feet represent who we are. They exactly represent who we are, covered in dust by earthly worries and drunknesses, sweating for performance anxiety and showing-off, filth with the mud of competition, injustice, resentment and rage, heavily beaten and bruised by the wounds received and inflicted. Feet are also the body part fartest away from the head, from thoughts, conventions, beliefs, opinions. Washing the Feet means meeting someone and loving him for what he is without the mediation of the mind and of the belief's system. The Washing of the Feet represent the total sum of love and of love's most sublime ways. Washing the Feet means humbly welcoming the other as he is and not as we would like him to be. Washing the Feet is humble, grateful, attentive, gratuit service. Washing is acknowledging the dirt which is present in each one of us, and there isn't anything that clears up dirt more than understanding and mercy. Washing the Feet is forgiveness given and received, it's taking care, it's sharing. One day, not very far away, there will be a disease which will not be healed by a Holy Supper and a holy Washing of the Feet. Humanity hasn't yet understood that love is the way, the only real way to transmit God's vibrations. There isn't anything in the world that transmit God and His healing and saving vibrations as love, love as the Logos taught us, not as human training and beliefs taught us. Announced by the stars, in Bethlehem cradle, lying in a cot of straws, comes to visit us God's Logos, His amazing and charming embodiment. Blessed, blessed, blessed baby Jesus-Logos.