Monday 4 January 2021

Word for today
The Gospel of John 1:35-42


Amnòs, the Greek word meaning lamb, appears only twice in the four Gospels and precisely here, in the first chapter of John,  it is used to describe Jesus, Jesus the Servant of God, meek as a lamb, just as the true paschal lamb. The strange thing is that this image of Jesus-Lamb does not find its roots in Judaism. It is the Aramaic language - the language spoken by the disciples - that provides an explanation. The Aramaic word talya’ has the double meaning of "lamb" and "servant." According to Isaiah's prophetic words,  Jesus is the servant of God, talya’ de’laha’ in Aramaicthe same words used by John the Baptist to describe Jesus, words that can be translated from the Aramaic as lamb of God.
Humanity will have to start again from the bewildering, incandescent ruins of its arrogance and ignorance, it will have to start humbly, very humbly on the wings of the white dove of the Holy Spirit and walking in the footsteps of a lamb, the Lamb of God, Jesus. The Dove of the Holy Spirit will teach us to live by flying in the grace of gratitude and compassion, the Lamb Jesus will show us how to walk in humility and true intelligence, and it will be a wonderful journey, a journey that can begin today itself.
Do not fight the world to change things, but learn to move with the compassionate wings of the Dove and the humble steps of the Lamb.