Wednesday 13 January 2021

First Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 1:29-39

One of Emmanuel's Days

During the morning hours Emmanuel, God with us, is in the synagogue, under the gaze of friends and foes, preaching the Word, consigning the keys of knowledge, enlightening and inspiring hearts and minds as well as opening new paths, paths to happiness.
Early in the afternoon there is a moment of rest at Peter's mother-in-law's house. She is ill, in bed with a temperature. Jesus, who has always appreciated her culinary talent, approaches her bed and asks her why she is ill and tired. Jesus imparts courage, dissolves mistrust, inspires love. He grasps her hand and helps her up so she can make herself useful for all those young mouths needing to be fed. The house lights up with the joy of feasting: there is drinking, eating, and storytelling. Jesus explains and they sing, bless, and praise until it is almost dusk.
After sunset, when the sun goes down and the air becomes cooler, the entire town, thousands and thousands of people are there at the door imploring help. Impossible wishes are transformed into certain prayers, incurable illnesses are promptly healed gratuitously, untreatable pain becomes tears of thanks and peace. Demons cry out, are convulsed, and are cast out; every disharmony is dissolved into peace and wellbeing.
Time flies by, night begins to fall, but even before darkness gives way to dawn Emmanuel rises and sets off in search of a quiet place, along a path of love. And there, all alone, he stops to pray, to thank, to praise, to sing, to love the Father in the Holy Spirit.
At sunrise, Peter and his friends look for him, they follow his footsteps and catch up with him. They would like him to stop in that town, but he wants to keep going, to visit other synagogues, other towns, other homes; other people are awaiting to be healed, to be set free from ignorance, and to be inspired by His love.
Blessed are you, Emmanuel, and blessed are your days still here among us, wherever your children walk and live.