Wednesday 20 January 2021

Second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 3:1-6

Law and Love

The law only protects itself. The law is not interested in justice, in any kind of justice. Even justice is not interested in justice. In fact, the persons who are guilty or innocent before the law are not interesting, they do not provoke any emotional change, cause vibrations, create links, interest, or dedication. Law and justice are only interested in saving their own processes. The law will never be equal for everyone, because of the simple fact that it must and can be interpreted. And interpretation is, by its very essence, partial and protects nothing if not its own process of interpretation.
Only love protects harmony, is interested in what is true good, vibrates for the reality of the real man. Love alone has the real view of reality. The law does not have a view of reality, of the real man, it cannot have it by definition. The destructive power of the law lies in the fact that no connection with reality, any real reality, can be expected of it.
The Father's word, the divine procedures for human happiness, pronounced awesomely by Jesus, the divine Logos, are swallowed up by the poisonous processes of the viperous mind.  Those who work to keep this process operating, who transform divine words into laws and precepts used to put prophecies to sleep, to justify torture and murder, looting and cheating, provoking hatred and rebellion, with the single aim of establishing someone's powers and to divide are called by Jesus a brood of vipers. Law and justice without love are a guillotine that many feel they have the right, in the name of God and of the truth, to let drop on anyone's neck.
The grace and efficacy of a holy procedure such as the sabbath, dictated by God himself for the splendour of human life, had become so polluted and poisoned by viperous mind, that Jesus, the Son of God embodied in humanity, was not allowed to heal and to love on the sabbath. He was accused of not respecting the holy day simply because he wished to heal and to save, to come to the rescue of a man with a withered hand.
Jesus was indignant, Jesus was astounded and grieved by the hardness of their hearts and stupidity.  Jesus at that point must have thought he was on the wrong planet.