Friday 22 January 2021

Second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 3:13-19

Three things

Jesus chooses who he wants. The story of your life is not important and give you no merits or demerits; He chooses in us things and dimensions, capacities and perceptions in ways completely impossible for us to imagine. He chooses who he wants. Those who He chooses are chosen for three precise, invariable tasks of love.
The first task of love: be with Him, simply, beautifully, continuously, to stay with Him permanently, to live and to breathe while remaining with Him.
The second task of love: preaching to the people, spreading the grain of knowledge about the new and effective ways to live harmoniously and in a healthy way in body and spirit; inspiring humanity to desire new and more advanced levels of bliss, happiness and peace; spreading in other words the light of the intelligence of the Spirit to liberate all peoples and nations from ignorance and stupidity.
The third task of love: drive out from man's heart, life, and mind the power of evil and the demons themselves, in order to free the children of God from the fear of evil, from the bondage of anger, from hatred, from possession and violent power.
The first task is to generate energy of love with Him. The second task is to generate energy of love for our brothers so that they can generate energy of love for one another and with Him. The third task is to generate energy of love capable of  defeating and banishing the evil one from the far corners of the earth.
Three tasks of love, because love is the only possible task.