Monday 25 January 2021

Conversion of St Paul the Apostle

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 16:15-18

Diving in

First, believe. Believe in Jesus' love and in the power of his procedures as outlined in the Gospel. Believing is being sure that Jesus always loves us, even if we do not feel it or deserve it. Believing is being sure that Gospel procedures always work perfectly, and if they do not it is because they have not been applied properly. Second, dive in. Dive into God the Father, the Son, the Paraclete; immerse yourself in Him, always no matter what. Staying immersed in Him means never mistrusting Him, ever. Never remain, even for a second, in an interior dialogue in which you take into consideration that God has abandoned you or, even worse, that God is an enemy or an inflexible, meritocratic judge. God does not measure what you have achieved but considers the love you have accrued. But in order to remain immersed in God we need to learn to let go, a little at a time, of our attachments, since attachments of any nature make us come out of God and dive into the poisonous fluids of our minds and illusions.
Third, be saved. Believing  and remaining immersed in God saves, heals, cures, makes peace, resurrects, re-eqilibrates, harmonizes, leads softly to a endless life, even amongst the storms and persecutions of present life.