Friday 29 January 2021

Third Week in Ordinary Time 

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 4:26-34


The farmer, the man who scatters seed, is will power, the decision-making capability, the inner dialogue which chooses and decides.
The land is the living environment, it is the energy that our hearts, our souls, the world and all that exists are made of.
Sleep and rise are the words used by Jesus to indicate the total independence of the functional characteristics of this process from the awareness of the process itself.
Night and day represent the time
dimension, the precise sequence of God's present.
The seed represents the quality, the type, the species and the identity of the sprouted energy.
The germination of the seed indicates its structural development of its growth, which can be perceived in its systematic growth and composition in the uniqueness and nobility of its energy.
Jesus uses the phrase "Of its own accord" (in Greek automàte) to describe the way and the rules to which the process is subordinated.
The man, the farmer, sows, he gives birth to a thought in his soul, and plants it in his mind.

Life, in all its extraordinary manifestations and correlations, is the land where this seed is sown.
Night and day the scattered seed grows even though it is unaware of how this is taking place, it will grow according to the identity and characteristics of that thought.
The frequency, the vibrations of the seed are good if they are close to the frequencies of God's love and compassion. The frequency and vibrations are evil if they are close to the frequencies of Satan's dividing and angry feelings.

In any case, quite independently, spontaneously, beyond any perception and awareness, the seed will sprout, will grow according to its own characteristics, identity and nature, energy and frequency, and it will yield its fruit of energy and choices, actions and life. What each of us sows in his/her heart and in life, at every moment, is what determines all and everything concerning our existence. Inspiring seeds of light, sowing the seeds of God's  kingdom is really the most important task  we can play in history.