Saturday 30 January 2021

Third Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 4:35-41

Cross to the opposite

"Let us cross to the other side." The Greek text translates this phrase literally as “cross to the opposite.”
When you are tempted to judge, remember that you will be measured using your own criteria; so go to the “opposite” side, use compassion. If you are feeling annoyed, consider what  frequency you are using and planting and go “opposite,” think grateful, accepting thoughts.
If you are facing a problem or a situation with feelings of anger, division, deception, revenge, or compromise, go to the “opposite” side where forgiveness, mercy, understanding, and unity are possible.
If you cross to the “opposite” side be prepared for storms, flurries and persecution; Satan will release his dogs and poison against you, he will inspire hearts and minds against you, but stay calm, put your head next to your Lord Jesus’s heart, do not lose faith in love and life, and when He wills it, He will tell the storm: "Quiet! Be still!"
If you cross to the “opposite” side you must stop accusing the Lord of carelessness and indifference towards you and stop thinking badly of Him. If you cross to the “opposite” side never be surprised or frightened whatever happens. If you cross to the “opposite” side, let your faith be your guide, your faith tells you that the strength of love will take care of everything. So if you cross to the opposite side do not let anxiety take over, do not put pressure on events,  everything will become clear by itself, everything will lead to unity according to God’s truth.