Saturday 3 April 2021

The Easter Vigil

Word of the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
The Gospel of Mark 16:1-7 


Can the ocean enter a hole dug in the sand? Can a galaxy be contained inside a glass? Can the invisible be chained inside the visible? Can chance explain the meaning of everything? Can the smallest genius be understood by the greatest of all prejudices? Can beauty be chained by possession? Can nostalgia be understood by logic? Can the most complex reasoning understand the simplest reality? Can love be weighed or measured? Can light be trapped by darkness? Can the book of knowledge come to an end? Can unhappiness sing the most beautiful songs about happiness? Can all the music be held inside one's ear? Can the sun be turned off by closing the window? Can all of the universe's oscillations be contained in a pendulum swing? Can all human travels  be enclosed in one step? Can the cradle from which life is born be placed inside a tomb? Can the origin of life itself be put in prison and closed behind a stone? Can a stone hold back its Creator? Can a stone resist the tender caress of its Lord and refuse to move aside letting Him go on His away? Can a tomb hold back the Supreme Energy? Can the bloody night of satanic deception resist the dawn of the Resurrection? Can the evil night conceal under its black wing the radiance of a luminous Morning Star, Jesus, the living victor, who embraces His friends, kisses His brothers, inspires people, and guides the sons of God the Father towards a day without end?